Web Services definition

Web Services means web development, maintenance or related services and products provided by the Contractor to the Client. Web Services does not include CMS Services, Maintenance Services or Systems Administration Services.
Web Services means web- or cloud-based services requiring a connection to the Internet, and services or functionality that are hosted or otherwise made available, on servers owned or operated by or for Autodesk or its designee, or by separate entities not related to Autodesk.
Web Services means the provision by Select Solutions of an online web portal, the options and features of which will be agreed by Select Solutions and the Customer in writing if the Customer requires this Service.

Examples of Web Services in a sentence

  • Amazon Web Services, the “Powered by Amazon Web Services” logo, and “Amazon RDS” are trademarks of Xxxxxx.xxx, Inc.

  • When running in Amazon Web Services, an EC2 M1 Large dedicated instance is required in order to be supported.

  • Customer expressly agrees to indemnify SAP, its officers, employees, agents and subcontractors from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, damages and costs (including reasonable attorney fees) suffered by SAP arising from the use of any Third Party Web Services by Customer or its Affiliates.

  • The contractor shall create and maintain web services using standards as defined within the Enterprise Architecture to include but not be limited to, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) to enable sharing of data across different applications in an enterprise.

  • Examples of Third Party Web Services include: Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, Google Maps and other such services.

More Definitions of Web Services

Web Services has the meaning ascribed to such term in Clause 13.
Web Services means the provision of online services and software, code or other instructions by Fundserv to permit Customer to provide on the Customer Site search functions, direct links and/or access to Fund Facts hosted on the FundFacts Site; Fundserv Services Selection Fundserv provides a variety of services to our customers. To assist you in deciding which services to choose, please refer to the information available at http://www.fundserv.com/products-and-services/ Manufacturers must complete both sections. Please complete the form and then use the submit button to send this form to Fundserv. Company Code:
Web Services means designing,building, creating, publishing, maintaining, providing or hosting a website on the Internet.§ 310.3 Deceptive telemarketing acts or practices.(a) Prohibited deceptive telemarketing acts or practices. It is a deceptive telemarketing act or practice and a violation of this Rule for any seller or telemarketer to engage in the following conduct:
Web Services means the provision of NBD Data and Images (where applicable) by NBSL as detailed in the NBSL Web Services Agreement.
Web Services integrated into the final version of the platform will be exploited by the consortium (as individual partners), for instance to generate new resources on demand.
Web Services means the Amadeus Web Services Program and related infrastructure, including but not limited to hardware, software and services, made available by the Amadeus Group to Subscriber for the development of Client Applications, and to Client Application Users for providing access to the Amadeus System using Client Applications.
Web Services means the web service structures used to facilitate communications between GPS and its Client systems.