Validation definition

Validation means the review of information, data, and procedures to determine the extent to which they are accurate, reliable, and free from bias and in accord with standards for data collection and analysis (42 CFR 438.320).
Validation means an online check, by Online Certificate Status Protocol request, or a check of the applicable Certificate Revocation List(s) (in the absence of Online Certificate Status Protocol capability) of the validity of a Digital Certificate and the validity of any Digital Certificate in that Digital Certificate’s Certificate Chain for the purpose of confirming that the Digital Certificate is valid at the time of the check (i.e., it is not revoked or expired).
Validation as used in WAC 222-20-016, means the department's agreement that a small forest landowner has correctly identified and classified resources, and satisfacto- rily completed a roads assessment for the geographic area described in Step 1 of a long-term application.

Examples of Validation in a sentence

Calling Card Validation - refers to the activity of determining whether a particular calling card number exists as stated or otherwise provided by a caller.

Correction of nonconforming markings is not subject to the Validation of Restrictive Markings on Technical Data clause of this contract.

The rights and obligations of the parties regarding the validation of restrictive markings on technical data furnished or to be furnished under this contract are contained in the Validation of Restrictive Markings on Technical Data clause of this contract.

However, the final determination as to whether or not to proceed with a Validation Review shall be made at the sole discretion of OIG.

The County will provide to approved entities a UAP Participant Validation Number.

More Definitions of Validation

Validation means the process of evaluating the correct installation and functionality of a Portable Emissions Measurement System and the correctness of exhaust mass flow rate measurements as obtained from one or multiple non-traceable exhaust mass flow meters or as calculated from sensors or ECU signals.
Validation means the confirmation by examination and objective evidence that the requirements for a specific intended use or analytical method are fulfilled.
Validation means the inclusion in contributory service of a period of non-contributory service which occurred prior to the commencement of participation.
Validation means the importing authority’s process for type certification or equivalent of a product certificated by either the FAA or CAAI, as exporting authorities.
Validation means confirmation of a winning Lottery ticket.