Manufacturing definition

Manufacturing means the production, preparation, propagation, conversion or processing of a drug or device, either directly or indirectly, by extraction from substances of natural origin or independently by means of chemical or biological synthesis, and includes any packaging or repackaging of the substances or labeling or relabeling of its container, and the promotion and marketing of such drugs and devices. Manufacturing also includes the preparation and promotion of commercially available products from bulk compounds for resale by pharmacists, practitioners, or other persons.
Manufacturing or “Manufacture” shall mean any activities associated with the production, manufacture, supply, processing, filling, packaging, labeling, shipping, or storage of a product or any components thereof, including process and formulation development, process validation, stability testing, manufacturing scale-up, development and commercial manufacture and analytical development, product characterization, quality assurance and quality control development, testing, and release.

Examples of Manufacturing in a sentence

CWDHS has 11 SHSM pathways: Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Business, Construction, Environment, Manufacturing, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Sports, Transportation, and Information Communication Technology.

The company initiated "Energy Management System" ISO 50001: 2011 Certification Process at ELGI to confirm the energy efficiency for each Manufacturing Process and derived the "Energy Policy" in-line with said Standards.

Robertson49Senior Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Manufacturing ServicesRichard G.

Pa et al., “Taxonomies for Reasoning About Cyber-physical Attacks in IoT-based Manufacturing Systems”, International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence, vol.

Short listing and grading of vendors would be carried out depending on various criteria including Technical competence, Financial capability, Past Credentials, Manufacturing process, quality plan, Manpower resources etc.

More Definitions of Manufacturing

Manufacturing means the material staging and production
Manufacturing means any activity involving the manufacturing, processing, assembling, or production of any property, including the processing that results in a change in the condition of the property and any related activity or function, together with the storage, warehousing, distribution, and related office facilities;
Manufacturing or “Manufacture” means activities directed to making, producing, manufacturing, processing, filling, finishing, packaging, labeling, quality assurance testing and release, shipping or storage of a product.
Manufacturing means to make, produce, manufacture, process, fill, finish, package, label, perform quality assurance testing, release, ship or store a compound or product or any component thereof. When used as a noun, “Manufacture” or “Manufacturing” means any and all activities involved in Manufacturing a compound or product or any component thereof.