Stability definition

Stability. (7) means the standard deviation (1 sigma) of the variation of a particular parameter from its calibrated value measured under stable temperature conditions. This can be expressed as a function of time.
Stability means structural stability.
Stability means a registered professional nurse or

Examples of Stability in a sentence

Stability Stable at normal ambient temperatures and when used as recommended.

Structural Stability Certificate from licensed structural engineer of Municipal Corporation / Local authority.

Areas of Stability and Growth designation: Area of GrowthThe purpose of Areas of Growth is to direct the allocation of resources and channel growth to where it will be beneficial and can best improve access to jobs, housing, and services with fewer and shorter auto trips.

Raviv (2014): “Bank Stability and Market Discipline: The Effect of Contingent Capital on Risk Taking and Default Probability,” Journal of Corporate Finance, 29, 542–560.Himmelberg, C., and S.

Existing residential neighborhoods, where change is expected to be minimal, make up a large proportion of the Areas of Stability.

More Definitions of Stability

Stability means the extent to which a preparation retains, with specified limits, and throughout its period of storage and use, the same properties and characteristics it possessed at the time of compounding.
Stability means the inverse measure of the potential for a material to rapidly decompose. Measured by indicators of microbial activity, such as carbon dioxide production, oxygen uptake, or self-heating.
Stability means having the necessary resources, surroundings, temperament, and demeanor to maintain a safe, steady, and consistent home environment for a foster child.
Stability. (relative to composting) means the degree to which a composted material can be stored or used without giving rise to nuisances (odors or vectors) or can be applied to the soil without causing problems.
Stability or “stable” means that after storage of an unopened package of medical cannabidiol, the contents shall not vary in concentrations of THC and CBD by more or less than 15 percent by weight in milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) for liquids and milligrams per gram (mg/g) for solids from the concentration indicated on the package label. Thus, after storage, a solid product labeled as containing a concentration of CBD of 10 milligrams per gram shall have a detected concentration of CBD that is no more than 11.50 milligrams per gram and no less than 8.50 milligrams per gram.
Stability means the extent to which a compounded preparation retains, within specified limits and through its beyond use date, the same properties and characteristics that it possessed at the time of compounding.