Importing Authority definition

Importing Authority means the party to this agreement to which a transfer of pensionable service and monies is made;
Importing Authority means the authority or body designed by a participant into whose territory a shipment of rough diamonds is imported to conduct all import formalities and particularly the verification of a companying Kimberly Process Certificates;

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The actuarial value is based on the age of the person and the annual pensionable salary received by this person on the date the Importing Authority received the "Appendix A-Transfer Information Request and Authorization Form", including any retroactive adjustment to that salary resulting from a labour settlement, if the Pension Authority has been informed of such adjustment before the transfer is made.

Importing Authority: The Pension Authority of the Importing Plan.

The Importing Authority should open and inspect the contents of the shipment to verify the details declared on the Certificate.

Where applicable and when requested, the Importing Authority should send the return slip or import confirmation coupon to the relevant Exporting Authority.

Any additional voluntary contributions made by a person to the Exporting Plan are excluded from this agreement unless the Importing Authority agrees to accept such additional voluntary contributions pursuant to the terms of the Importing Plan .

This amount is equal to the actuarial value of benefits to be credited to the person in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Importing Plan on the date the Importing Authority received the "Appendix A-Transfer Information Request and Authorization Form".

The Importing Authority should record all details of rough diamond shipments on a computerised database.

The Importing Authority should receive an e-mail message either before or upon arrival of a rough diamond shipment.

The amount determined in Section 6, which the Exporting Authority pays to the Importing Authority, is recognized firstly as the person's contributions plus interest as determined by the provisions of the Exporting Plan.

Upon receipt of “Appendix A-Transfer Information Request and Authorization Form”, and “Appendix B-Transfer Estimate and Acceptance Form”, with Section II duly completed by the Importing Authority, the Exporting Authority will complete Section I of "Appendix B-Transfer Estimate and Acceptance Form" and send it, within 60 days, to the Importing Authority.

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Importing Authority means the organization, within the Importing State and charged by the laws of the Importing State with regulating the airworthiness and environmental certification, approval, or acceptance of civil aeronautical products, for:

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Regulatory Approval means any and all approvals (including Drug Approval Applications, supplements, amendments, pre- and post-approvals, pricing and reimbursement approvals), licenses, registrations or authorizations of any Regulatory Authority, national, supra-national (e.g., the European Commission or the Council of the EU), regional, state or local regulatory agency, department, bureau, commission, council or other governmental entity, that are necessary for the manufacture, distribution, use or sale of a Product in a regulatory jurisdiction.
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Accounting Authority means the Board of PRASA;
Certifying Authority means a person who has been granted a licence to issue a Digital Signature Certificate under section 24;
relevant planning authority means the district planning authority for the area in which the land to which the relevant provision of this Order applies is situated;
Regulatory Approval Application means any application submitted to an appropriate Regulatory Authority seeking any Regulatory Approval.
Issuing authority means an authority as envisaged under Schedule-IV of this order or duly notified by the Central Government from time to time either generally or specifically for issuance of import permit;
Governing authority means the body which exercises the legislative functions of a political subdivision.
Awarding Authority means any Board or Commission of the City of Los Angeles, or any authorized employee or officer of the City of Los Angeles, including the Purchasing Agent of the City of Los Angeles, who makes or enters into any contract or agreement for the provision of any goods or services of any kind or nature whatsoever for or on behalf of the City of Los Angeles.