Testing definition

Testing is defined as performing such testing as is stipulated in the Contract Documents to be performed. "Placing into operation" is defined as operating the equipment for a sufficient period of time for the determination to be made that it is performing properly. All building commissioning activities should be completed, with the exception of those designated as “Permitted Incomplete Work.”
Testing is defined as performing such testing as is stipulated in the Contract Documents to be performed.

Examples of Testing in a sentence

  • Installation, Commissioning, Testing, Configuration, Training (if any - which ever is applicable as per scope of supply) is to be carried out by OEM / OEM Certified resource or OEM authorised Reseller.

  • Alternative Operating Scenario(s)F-I: RestrictionsF-II: Testing RequirementsF-III: Monitoring RequirementsF-IV: Recordkeeping Requirements F-V: Reporting RequirementsF-VI: Work Practice StandardsF-VII: Additional Requirements Section G.

  • When the results of a stack test performed in conformance with Section C - Performance Testing, of this permit exceed the level specified in any condition of this permit, the Permittee shall submit a description of its response actions to IDEM, OAQ, no later than seventy-five (75) days after the date of the test.

  • Many manufacturers submit their equipment to a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) that verifies compliance with UL1741.

  • Contractor/ Subcontractor’s Actions & ResponsibilitiesThe Contractor must adhere to all Contract Terms and Conditions related to Safety as identified in Section 2.6, Importance of Safety, and Exhibit 4, PG&E Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Testing Policies of these General Conditions, as well as adhere to the Safety and Performance Standard as defined in the PG&E Safety & Performance Fundamentals Handbook and subsequent updated.

More Definitions of Testing

Testing shall have the meaning set forth in Section 14.2.
Testing means an operation intended to evaluate the capacity of a Zone to produce Hydrocarbons. Test and other derivatives shall be construed accordingly.
Testing means testing of the equipment exclusively in STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification) approved laboratory-www.stqc.nic.in under specified environment;
Testing means provision of all materials, apparatus, labour, machinery, charges for the media or chemical to be used and their transport, repair of object to be tested if required, re-testing, excavation of any part for visual inspection, erection of any type all until the object has been certified as having passed the required test satisfactorily.