Transition Planning definition

Transition Planning means the services, supports, activities and referrals to programs that assist Children currently or formerly in Foster Care in acquiring skills and abilities necessary to Transition to adulthood successfully. Key Transition Planning domains are education, employment, health, housing, and relationships.
Transition Planning means the process of preparing for a BRS client to successfully discharge from the BRS program into the community and is described in the ATP.

Examples of Transition Planning in a sentence

  • The membership of each Transition Planning Committee shall be appointed within 5 days of the Legal Effective Date.

  • The European Commission has now initiated action on the 3rd implementation pillar of the SET- Plan with the launch of an FP7 Support Action named ATEsT (Analysing Transition Planning and Systemic Energy Planning Tools for the implementation of the Energy Technology Infor- mation System).

  • The purpose of IL and Transition Planning is to give youth the skills, connections and opportunities to be successful adults.

  • Other specialist provisionA Transition Planning Review takes place during the last year of primary education to allow parents/carers and professionals the opportunity to discuss the most suitable placement for their child.

  • Transition Planning Committees shall meet at such dates, times and locations as may be necessary to accomplish their assigned objectives.

  • The Fire Chief shall appoint members from each of BVFD and AFMA to the following Transition Planning Committees: a.

  • Both Student and Father signed the Individualized Transition Planning page of the draft IEP presented by District and handwrote the date of May 23, 2005, beside their signatures.

  • Each Transition Planning Committee shall prepare a written report outlining any identified operational conflicts as well as recommended resolutions of those conflicts by March 1, 2023.

  • The purpose of each Transition Planning Committee is to identify conflicts in the respective practices BVFD and AFMA use in the management of their operations and to recommend resolution of any such conflicts to the Fire Chief.

  • To accomplish those objectives the boards of each of BVFD and AFMA authorize the Fire Chief to appoint various employees to serve on Transition Planning Committees.

More Definitions of Transition Planning

Transition Planning means the process of anticipating and preparing for changes in life circumstances and healthcare services to ease an adolescent's shift to adulthood.

Related to Transition Planning

  • Transition means: 1) the formal and physical process of transferring from school to school or 2) the period of time in which a student moves from one school in the sending state to another school in the receiving state.

  • Discharge planning means the formal process for determining, prior to discharge from a facility, the coordination and management of the care that a patient receives following discharge from a facility.

  • Home health aide services means the personal care and maintenance activities provided to individuals for the purpose of promoting normal standards of health and hygiene.

  • Person-centered planning means a process for planning and supporting the consumer receiving services that builds on the individual’s capacity to engage in activities that promote community life and that honors the consumer’s preferences, choices, and abilities. The person-centered planning process involves families, friends, and professionals as the consumer desires or requires.