Transition training definition

Transition training means written and verbal instructions
Transition training means written and verbal instructions and assistance provided by the department to the offender during the two weeks prior to the offender's successful completion of the work ethic camp program. The transition training shall include instructions in the offender's requirements and obligations during the offender's period of community custody.
Transition training means written and verbal

Examples of Transition training in a sentence

  • The training re- quired for crewmembers who have not qualified and served in the same capac- ity on an aircraft.(2) Transition training.

  • Communicate the status of Transition, training, and changes to DIR.

  • The Statewide Transition Coordinator provides routine Transition training to all field staff with emphasize on the staff directly providing transition services.

  • Transition training was conducted on the local, statewide, and regional levels.

  • Initial Training Our initial training program consists of three components: (1) the Walk This Way program, a leadership program devoted to teaching the Hard Rock culture, best practices and standards; (2) the New Team Transition training program, which covers hotel operational and management issues; and (3) on-site training at a Hard Rock Hotel we designate.

  • Transition training must be held no later than the last month of the current executives’ term.

  • A Formal Project must be submitted in the format prescribed in the Formal Project Requirements before entering Transition training.

  • Transition training shall be provided to agencies who are joining the program immediately no later than April 1, 2017.

  • If a notice of objection shall be duly delivered, the Buyer and the Sellers’ Representative shall negotiate in good faith and use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve such items.

  • This report covers:  Incident trends and injuries in the workplace. Employee participation. Transition training on the changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Contractor management. Key health and safety systems risks. Health and safety work plan.

More Definitions of Transition training

Transition training means the training required for crewmembers who have qualified and served in the same capacity on another airplane of the same Group.
Transition training means the training necessary to qualify for a category. Such training shall include ground school, flight training and/or simulator training.
Transition training means training in the same Status but in a new equipment type.

Related to Transition training

  • Travel training means providing instruction, as appropriate, to children with significant cognitive disabilities, and any other children with disabilities who require this instruction, to enable them to:

  • Transition Services means a coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that:

  • Training means the reasonable costs associated with training and workshop participation under the Project, consisting of travel and subsistence costs for training participants, costs associated with securing the services of trainers, rental of training facilities, preparation and reproduction of training materials, and other costs directly related to course or workshop preparation and implementation.

  • Training Plan means the plan that outlines what training and assessment will be conducted off-the- job and what will be conducted on-the-job and how the Registered Training Organisation will assist in ensuring the integrity of both aspects of the training and assessment process.

  • Training Services means access to Red Hat training courses, including online courses or courses provided at a site as may be agreed by the parties.

  • Transition means: 1) the formal and physical process of transferring from school to school or 2) the period of time in which a student moves from one school in the sending state to another school in the receiving state.

  • Counseling services means services provided by qualified social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors, or other qualified personnel.

  • Transition Services Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 3.02(a)(iv).

  • Parent counseling and training means assisting parents in understanding the special needs of their child and providing parents with information about child development, and helping parents to acquire the necessary skills that will allow them to support the implementation of their child's IEP.

  • Child support services means any civil, criminal or administrative action taken by the Division of Child Support Enforcement to locate parents; establish paternity; and establish, modify, enforce, or collect child support, or child and spousal support.

  • Transition Plan means a transition plan, acceptable to the LHIN that indicates how the needs of the HSP’s clients will be met following the termination of this Agreement and how the transition of the clients to new service providers will be effected in a timely manner; and

  • Transition Services Agreements means any agreements that receive the prior approval of the Commission between Respondents and an Acquirer to provide, at the option of the Acquirer, Transition Services (or training for an Acquirer to provide services for itself), necessary to transfer the Retail Fuel Assets to the Acquirer and to operate the Retail Fuel Outlet Businesses in a manner consistent with the purposes of this Order.