Provider definition

Provider means the legal or physical person selected by the Council for the provision of the Deliverables. This person may equally be referred to as the “Service Provider” or the “Consultant”.
Provider means a service provider that offers services other than Telecommunications Services and that provides Listings to CenturyLink for inclusion in the Directory Assistance Database.
Provider means the employment services provider contracted under this Deed, and includes its Personnel, successors and assigns, and any constituent entities of the Provider’s organisation, and includes reference to a Tendering Group contracted under this Deed, where applicable.

Examples of Provider in a sentence

The Data Provider has confirmed to So- lactive AG that where there is a discretionary decision, such decision will be recorded and can be audited by Solactive AG in detail.

In connection with the determination of this Data, it cannot be ruled out that the Data Provider may make discretionary decisions in the determination of such data.

Provider market power can generate wide variations in commercial insurer prices even within local markets; a good example is Eastern Massachusetts (Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General, 2010).

Provider must respect the culture of the children and families with which it provides services.

If the service is needed in the delivery of services referred, DCS will reimburse the Provider for the cost of the Interpretation, Translation, or Sign Language service at the actual cost of the service to the provider.

More Definitions of Provider

Provider means the legal or physical person selected by the Council for the provision of the Deliverables.
Provider means the Party or its Subsidiary or Affiliate providing a Service under this Agreement.
Provider means an entity whose primary responsibility is related to the supply of medical care. Each Provider must be licensed, registered, or certified by the appropriate State agency where the medical care is performed, as required by that State’s law where applicable. Where there is no applicable State agency, licensure, or regulation, the Provider must be registered or certified by the appropriate professional body. The Plan Administrator may determine that an entity is not a “Provider” as defined herein if that entity is not deemed to be a “Provider” by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for purposes arising from payment and/or enrollment with Medicare; however, the Plan Administrator is not so bound by CMS’ determination of an entity’s status as a Provider. All facilities must meet the standards as set forth within the applicable definitions of the Plan as it relates to the relevant provider type.
Provider means a Physician, a licensed speech or occupational therapist, licensed professional physical therapist, physiotherapist, audiologist, speech language pathologist, licensed professional counselor, certified nurse practitioner, certified psychiatric/mental health clinical nurse, or other practitioner or facility defined or listed herein, or approved by the Plan Administrator.
Provider means any person or entity providing HCBS.
Provider means a person approved by the department to maintain a secure electronic central filing system of electronic warehouse receipt records pursuant to Iowa Code section 203C.18.
Provider means the natural person, private or government entity, or a combination of the above, whose bid to perform the Contract has been accepted by the Procuring and Disposing Entity and is named as such in the Agreement, and includes the legal successors or permitted assigns of the Provider.