Third Party Licensor definition

Third Party Licensor means the relevant licensor of any Third Party Data or any Third Party Trade Xxxx;
Third Party Licensor means any third party that licenses or otherwise conveys to Xxxxxx Xxx the right to use, distribute or make available any component of the Licensed Materials or any other data, services, software or other materials.
Third Party Licensor means a third party whose software products (“Third Party Products”) have been made available to Infor for distribution and licensing under the terms of its agreement with Infor (a “Third Party Agreement”).

Examples of Third Party Licensor in a sentence

  • If Veeva licenses any of the data included in the Data Products from a third-party source (“Third-Party Licensor”), Veeva may disable access or remove data provided by a Third-Party Licensor from the Data Products if Veeva’s agreement with any such Third-Party Licensor is terminated or expires.

More Definitions of Third Party Licensor

Third Party Licensor means any third party owner of any intellectual property rights including copyright and database rights in or relating to the Interconnector Information System as will on request be notified by Interconnector to the Shipper from time to time;
Third Party Licensor means any Third Party that has granted a Party a license to Intellectual Property.
Third Party Licensor means those third parties who have granted to Xxxxxxxxx the right to sublicense certain rights in and to the Third Party Software.
Third Party Licensor means any Third Party that makes available Third Party Materials.
Third Party Licensor means the person who, or entity which, grants a license to Maplesoft to redistribute that person’s or entity’s intellectual property, as the case may be, as set out on Maplesoft’s website.
Third Party Licensor means the Third Party licensor(s) of Third Party Intellectual Property from whom Acceleron has licensed intellectual property rights pursuant to a Third Party License.
Third Party Licensor shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.8.