Third-party payer definition

Third-party payer means an organization other than the patient (1st party) or the health care provider (2nd party) involved in the financing of personal health services.
Third-party payer means a public or private health care payment or benefits program including, but not limited to, all of the following:

Examples of Third-party payer in a sentence

  • ATTACHMENT D (1 to X) Third Party Payer Validated Audit (VAP) Costing Approval Auditee Name and Location Assigned Audit Firm and Auditors EHS Person Days L&E Person Days Audit Cost ($ USD) Scheduled Audit Start Date Auditee Initials to confirm date Cost for Validated Audit associated with this Attachment = $ USD _ _ In addition, Third Party Payer also will be responsible for applicable Taxes and expenses.

  • If a Third Party Payer is listed on Attachment D, the Auditee remains responsible for all associated cancellation and/ or rescheduling fees.

  • Third Party Payer agrees to pay this amount to RBA upon invoice as required by RBA Auditee Agreement.

  • Frequently Asked Questions.‖ One is for those with a Third Party Payer and one is for those without a Third Party Payer.

More Definitions of Third-party payer

Third-party payer means a health insuring corporation licensed under Chapter 1751. of the Revised Code, a health maintenance organization as defined in division (K) of this section, an insurance company that issues sickness and accident insurance in conformity with Chapter 3923. of the Revised Code, a state-financed health insurance program under Chapter 3701., 4123., or 5111. of the Revised Code, or any self-insurance plan.
Third-party payer means an employer, government program or other entity that pays a student’s charges when no separate agreement for the repayment of the charges exists between the third-party payer and the student.
Third-party payer means any private or public entity or program that may be liable by law or contract to make payment to or on behalf of an individual for health care services. Third-party payer does not include a hospital.
Third-party payer means a governmental agency, or, private nongovernmental entity that is liable by virtue of state or federal law or regulation or a contract to pay for all or a part of the cost of a patient’s hospitalization or ambulatory services;
Third-party payer means an entity that is, by
Third-party payer means an organization other than the patient or health care provider involved in the financing of personal health services.