Definition of Tenant Costs

Tenant Costs means landlord work, tenant improvements and tenant improvement allowances that are an obligation of the Company or a Company Subsidiary provided for in a Company Space Lease as of the date hereof or any Company Space Lease entered into in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.
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Examples of Tenant Costs in a sentence

Landlord shall not be required, nor shall Tenant's specialty contractors, if any, be permitted, to commence work on any such changes until Tenant has approved in writing, the Tenant Costs (including construction and design) and the time delays attributable thereto and paid to Landlord the Tenant Costs due.
If such estimated amount exceeds the actual amount of the Tenant Costs, Tenant shall receive a refund of the difference.
Landlord may reasonably estimate Tenant Costs in advance, in which case, Tenant shall deposit such estimated amount with Landlord.
Upon Tenant's approval of the Working Drawings and, if there are any Tenant Costs, upon Tenant's payment of any deposits with Landlord, Landlord's Contractor shall commence construction of the Tenant Improvements.
Tenant gives written approval of Working Drawings Seventy-two (72) (and Tenant Costs, if any) in connection therewith and hours after Tenant's deposits Tenant Costs with Landlord.