Definition of Tenant Notice

Tenant Notice means a Notice to Tenant in the form attached hereto as Exhibit O.
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Examples of Tenant Notice in a sentence

Immediately following Closing, Purchaser will deliver to each Tenant a Tenant Notice Letter, as described in Section 10.2(e).
Such notice shall be prepared by Seller, at Seller's sole cost and expense, and approved by Buyer, in its reasonable discretion, and shall notify the tenant of the sale and transfer and shall contain appropriate instructions relating to the payment of future rentals, the giving of future notices and other matters reasonably required by Buyer or required by law (each, a "Tenant Notice").
Upon the revocation of such license the Assignee may at its option exercise its rights under Chapter 64 of the Texas Property Code to give Tenants a written notice (a Tenant Notice) requesting the Tenants to pay all Rents and other amounts due under the Leases directly to Assignee and to perform any of the Tenants respective obligations under the Leases for the benefit of Assignee.
Subject to Chapter 64 of the Texas Property Code, Tenants are hereby expressly authorized and directed to pay all Rents and any other amounts due Assignor pursuant to the Leases or otherwise, to Assignee, or such nominee as Assignee may designate in a Tenant Notice delivered to such Tenants, and the Tenants are expressly relieved of any and all duty, liability or obligation to Assignor with respect to all payments so made.
All such notices, demands and requests shall be deemed to have been properly given if sent by United States certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, or hand delivered, or overnight delivery, addressed to Landlord or Tenant, at the Landlord Notice Address and Tenant Notice Address, respectively.