Definition of Tenant Improvement Allowances

Tenant Improvement Allowances means allowances for Tenant Improvement Work.

Examples of Tenant Improvement Allowances in a sentence

Schedule 7.32 attached hereto sets forth a true and complete summary of all Tenant Improvement Allowances currently provided for in the Leases; provided that Schedule 7.32 shall be subject to update as Approved Leases are executed and/or amended in accordance with the terms hereof and as plans for Tenant Improvement Allowances are further developed pursuant to Approved Leases.
Pursuant to the terms of the ITI Sublease, the DCS Sublease and the OMTech Sublease, OMB has agreed to provide additional Tenant Improvement Allowances such that the total Tenant Improvement Allowance for all space to be leased or sublet by Overstock will be as set forth on Exhibit A.
Tenant Improvement Allowances for Warehouses 2.6. Pricing Standards - Operating Costs 2.7. Pricing Standards - Real Estate Taxes 2.8. Pricing Standards - GSA-Installed Leasehold Improvements 2.9. Pricing Standards - Security 2.9.1. Basic Security 2.9.2. Building-Specific Security A.
Landlord, within a commercially reasonable period of time after Landlord's approval of the plans and specifications for the Improvements (as defined herein), shall commence and complete work on the Improvements and shall pay for the costs of the same up to a maximum cost of the Base and Tenant Improvement Allowances.
Tenant will provide all graphics, letters, and numerals at the entrances to the Premises, the costs for which shall be paid out of the Tenant Improvement Allowances, as defined in Exhibit C attached hereto.