Basic Rent definition

Basic Rent means Basic Rent as defined in Paragraph 6.
Basic Rent means, the sum of (a) the Loan Basic Rent and (b) the Lessor Basic Rent, calculated as of the applicable date on which Basic Rent is due.

Examples of Basic Rent in a sentence

  • The Construction Agent shall promptly notify the Lessor upon Completion of the Improvements and the Lessee shall commence to pay Basic Rent as of the Rent Commencement Date.

  • In the event that the Licensees are denied access to the Premises for more than three (3) days due to strike, force of nature, fire, or for reasons outside the control of the parties, the Basic Rent shall be suspended for the period of such closure.

More Definitions of Basic Rent

Basic Rent means, for any Lease Term, the rent payable pursuant to Section 3.1 of the Lease, determined in accordance with the following: each installment of Basic Rent payable on any Payment Date shall be in an amount equal to the sum of (A) the aggregate amount of Lender Basic Rent payable on such Payment Date, plus (B) the aggregate amount of Lessor Basic Rent payable on such Payment Date, in each case for the Leased Property or Properties that are then subject to the Lease.
Basic Rent means the rent payable for the Aircraft pursuant to Section 3.2.1(a) of the Lease.
Basic Rent means the pro rata amount which, when added to Basic Rent Credits, will be sufficient to pay, on each Payment Date, all principal of, redemption premium, if any, and interest on all Outstanding Bonds which is due and payable on such Payment Date. If for any reason on any Payment Date the Bank does not have on deposit in the Debt Service Fund sufficient moneys to pay all principal and interest due on the Bonds on such Payment Date, then the Tenant shall pay, as Basic Rent, on such Payment Date, the amount of such deficiency.
Basic Rent means, for the Basic Term, the rent payable for the Aircraft pursuant to Section 3(c) of the Lease as adjusted as provided in Section 3(d) of the Lease but subject always to the provisions of Section 3(d)(v) of the Lease and, for any Renewal Term, Basic Rent determined pursuant to Section 19 of the Lease.
Basic Rent means the basic rent amounts specified in the Basic Terms.
Basic Rent means the amounts set forth on Exhibit B annexed to this Lease.
Basic Rent for the Aircraft shall mean the Basic Rent specified in Exhibit C and payable throughout the Basic Term for the Aircraft pursuant to Section 4(a)(i).