Telecommunications provider definition

Telecommunications provider means a provider of telecommunications services that is eligible in accordance with Decision 97-8 to subscribe to interconnection services offered by RCP and includes a LEC, an IXSP and a WSP operating in the same exchange as RCP.
Telecommunications provider means that term as defined in section 102 of the Michigan telecommunications act, 1991 PA 179, MCL 484.2102.
Telecommunications provider. Means any person that installs, owns, operates or controls facilities in the right-of-way used or designed to be used to transmit telecommunications in any form.

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  • Filer 499 ID numbers can be found at: FCC Form 499 Filer Database ( Telecommunications Provider Locator ( time filers should write “New” in the block.

  • Competitive Local Exchange Carriers and Interexchange Carriers must obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity from the Commission to provide service in Arkansas and all telecommunication providers must comply with the Telecommunications Provider Rules adopted by the Commission in response to Act 77.The General Assembly enacted The Electric Utility Regulatory Reform Act of 2003 which provides for the repeal of retail electric competition as originally authorized by Act 1556 of 1999.

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Telecommunications provider means (1) any telecommunications retailer; and (2) any person that is not a telecommunications retailer that installs, owns, operates or controls equipment in the public right-of-way that is used or designed to be used to transmit telecommunications in any form.
Telecommunications provider means any person who provides telecommunications services.
Telecommunications provider means the same as that term is defined in Section 10-1-402.
Telecommunications provider means a person that provides telecommunications service, as defined in section 40-15-102 (29), with the exception of cable services as defined by section 602 (5) of the federal "Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984", 47 U.S.C. sec. 522 (6), pursuant to authority granted by the public utilities commission of this state or by the federal communications commission. "Telecommunications provider" does not mean a person or business using antennas, support towers, equipment, and buildings used to transmit high power over-the-air broadcast of AM and FM radio, VHF and UHF television, and advanced television services, including high definition television. The term "telecommunications provider" is synonymous with "telecommunication provider".
Telecommunications provider means a person who is licensed under this Act to operate a telecommunications network or to provide telecommunications services;
Telecommunications provider means any person capable of providing advanced digital communications including, but not limited to, a telecommunications utility as defined in ORS 759.005, a competitive tele- communications provider as defined in ORS 759.005, a cable television provider or an interstate telecommunications provider.