telecommunication system definition

telecommunication system means any system (including the apparatus comprised in it) which exists (whether wholly or partly in the United Kingdom or elsewhere) for the purpose of facilitating the transmission of communications by any means involving the use of electrical or electro-magnetic energy.
telecommunication system means a system for the conveyance, through the agency of electric, magnetic, electro-magnetic, electro-chemical or electro-mechanical energy, of —
telecommunication system means any electrical, electro-magnetic, electronic, optical or optio-electronic system for the emission, conveyance, switching or reception of any intelligence within, or into, or from, Pakistan, whether or not that intelligence is subjected to re- arrangement, computation or any other process in the course of operation of the system, and includes a cable transmission system, a cable television transmission system and terminal equipment;

Examples of telecommunication system in a sentence

  • Formal specification using this logic is supported by the Delphi tool2 [8,9], a prototype specification tool developed jointly by Logikkonsult NP AB and Ellemtel Telecommunication System Laboratories in Sweden.

  • This accelerating wireless network spread already led to the speculative question whether WLAN is a competitor or even the undertaker of UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System).

  • RequirementsFurnish & Install Telecommunication System Hatzor Air Base requires the installation of an Telecommunication System, Hatzor Air Base requires the installation of telecommunications systems within the Combined Joint Operations Center (CJOC) currently under construction.

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telecommunication system means any system used or intended to be used for telecommunications;
telecommunication system means a combination of the telecommunication apparatus (e.g. switching system, transmission apparatus, terminal apparatus, satellite etc.) whether or not these equipment are visibly connected with one another, or whether or not they are combined in using the transmission or reception of any information or message.
telecommunication system means a system for the conveyance through the agency of electric, magnetic, electro-magnetic, electro-chemical, electro- mechanical or light energy of:
telecommunication system means a system used for transmission, reception and switching of signals, such as electrical or optical, by wire, fibre, or electromagnetic means;
telecommunication system means a switching system and associated apparatus which performs the basic function of two-way voice or data service, or both, and which can be a commonly controlled system capable of being administered both locally and remotely via secured access.
telecommunication system a telecommunication system within the United Kingdom as defined in section 4 of the Act or an Authorised Overseas System;