Definition of Telecommunications systems

Telecommunications systems means systems costing more than $100,000, including but not limited to all instrumentalities, facilities, apparatus and services, for the transmission and reception of messages, impressions, signs, signals, pictures, sounds or any other symbols by wire, radio, optical cable, electromagnetic or other similar means.
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Telecommunications systems means a system with a Price of more than $100,000
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Examples of Telecommunications systems in a sentence

Telecommunications systems plan means the plan submitted by an applicant in accordance with SS 1703.125 for grants, SS 1703.134 for a combination loan and grant, or SS 1703.144 for loans.
Telecommunications systems refers to any system involved in the sending and/or receiving at a distance of the following: * DATA COMMUNICATIONS - use or operation of apparatus for transmission of digitized information between points with or without connecting wires.
Telecommunications systems and networks, comprised of the integration of planning, development, and implementation of all systems and network services; 3.
The increase for the quarter reflects continuing increased sales volume to British Telecommunications in the United Kingdom as a result of British Telecommunications' continuing rollout of DSL lines, and its implementation of the local loop unbundling program, demanded by regulators in the United Kingdom to enable third party providers of telephone service to gain access to British Telecommunications' systems.
Grounding Telecommunications systems grounding and bonding will consist, at a minimum, of an equipotential grounding system (Telecommunications Bonding Backbone (TBB)) that originates from the Telecommunications Main Ground Bar (TMGB).