Telecommunications systems definition

Telecommunications systems means a system costing more than one hundred thousand dollars, including but not limited to all instrumentalities, facilities, apparatus and services, for the transmission and reception of messages, impressions, signs, signals, pictures, sounds or any other symbols by wire, radio, optical cable, electromagnetic or other similar means.
Telecommunications systems means PBX, phone systems, call accounting and pocket paging systems, and high-speed Internet access.

Examples of Telecommunications systems in a sentence

  • Telecommunications systems include structured cabling systems, compatible connecting hardware, telecommunications equipment, premises switching equipment providing operational power to the telecommunications device, infrared, fiber optic, radio-frequency, power distribution associated with telecommunications systems, and other limited-energy interconnections associated with telecommunications systems or appliances.

  • Telecommunications systems that have the potential for substantially improving vocational rehabilitation service delivery methods and developing appropriate programming to meet the particular needs of individuals with disabilities, including telephone, television, video description services, satellite, tactile-vibratory devices, and similar systems, as appropriate.

  • Telecommunications systems may interface with other building signal systems including security, alarms, and energy management at cross-connection junctions within telecommunications closets or at extended points of demarcation.

  • Telecommunications systems do not include the installation or termination of premises line voltage service, feeder, or branch circuit conductors or equipment.

  • Telecommunications systems do not include horizontal cabling used for fire protection signaling systems, intrusion alarms, access control systems, patient monitoring systems, energy management control systems, industrial and automation control systems, HVAC/refrigeration control systems, lighting or lighting control systems, and stand-alone amplified sound or public address systems.

More Definitions of Telecommunications systems

Telecommunications systems means structured cabling systems that begin at the demarcation point between the local service provider and the customer's premises structured cabling system.
Telecommunications systems means all facilities, items and methods required and/or used in order to provide Telecommunications Services to the Community. Without limiting the foregoing, Telecommunications Systems may include wires (fiber optic or other material), conduits, passive and active electronic equipment, pipes, pedestals, wireless cell sites, computers, modems, satellite antenna sites, transmission facilities, amplifiers, junction boxes, trunk distribution, feeder cables, lock boxes, taps, drop cables, related apparatus, converters, connections, head-end antennae, earth stations, appurtenant devices, network facilities necessary and appropriate to support provision of local exchange services and/or any other item appropriate or necessary to support provision of Telecommunications Services. Ownership and/or control of all or a portion of any part of the Telecommunications Services may be bifurcated among network distribution architecture, system head-end equipment, and appurtenant devices (e.g., individual adjustable digital units).
Telecommunications systems means any local exchange and long distance telephone systems (including without limitation any network of digital or analog facilities), any cellular and personal communications systems, any cable television distribution system, and any other telecommunications systems owned, leased, operated or managed by the Borrower or any Subsidiary.
Telecommunications systems means structured cabling systems that begin at the demarcation point between the local service provider and the customer's premises structured cabling system or the wiring, appliances, devices, or equipment as specified by rule of the department.
Telecommunications systems means those systems in which the principal service and functions are telecommunications.
Telecommunications systems means structured cabling systems