Definition of Telecommunication service

Telecommunication service means the offering of telecommunications for a fee directly to the public or to privately, investor- or cooperatively owned entities.
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Examples of Telecommunication service in a sentence

Telecommunication service revenue is recognized as the services are rendered.
Telecommunication service, Ancillary service, Internet access and Audio Video Programming service.
Telecommunication service providers should obtain an exemption certificate from each agency for their records.
Telecommunication service providers and telephonic solicitors operating in Louisiana are also subject to the Rules and Regulations Regarding Telephonic Solicitation within Louisiana as specified in the Commission's General Order dated March 29, 2000.
A local government shall not require a video service provider to obtain a franchise from the local government to provide: (a) Telecommunication service; or (b) Interactive computer service, if the video service provider uses its own video service network within the jurisdiction of the local government to provide such service.