Definition of Telecommunications network

Telecommunications network means the network or networks providing Telecommunications Services as described in a Licence. Interconnection Guidelines GI065.01 Page 21 of 27 Annex-1 DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCEDURES 1. Introduction 1.1 Subject to sub-clause 1.2.3, all Licensees shall adopt and comply with this Dispute Resolution Procedure in relation to any dispute which may arise between Licensees in relation to or in connection with the supply of Interconnection Services or to any facilities or services to which these Rules applies ("Interconnect Dispute"). 1.2 The following Dispute Resolution mechanisms are discussed in this Procedure: 1.2.1 inter-party working groups; 1.2.2 Resolution attempt at CEO/MD Level; 1.2.3 subject specific resolution of disputes, being:

Examples of Telecommunications network in a sentence

The Verizon provided interface terminating Verizon's Telecommunications network on the property where the Customer's service is located at a point determined by Verizon.
Lessor: GE Capital and/or its assignee Lessee: Globalnet Equipment: Telecommunications network and data transmission equipment and related products and services manufactured by the Supplier, including its subsidiaries and affiliates.
Promptly after such suspension, and if such suspension materially and adversely affects PTI's Telecommunications network, within two (2) hours after such suspension, Colonial and PTI each will make available by telephone a representative of upper management, as designated on the escalation list agreed to by the parties, to discuss -12- 19 prompt resolution of the situation.
Version 1 - 2Q10 - Commercial Agreement - LWC 04/15/10 2.58 "Central Office Switch (CO)" means the switching entity within the public switched Telecommunications network, including but not limited to: "End Office Switch" or "End Office" means the switching machine that directly terminates traffic to and receives traffic from purchasers of local Exchange Services.
Section 6: Terms of Reference 114 Telecommunications, network subscription fees, stationary, printing materials, basic office equipment and office consumables.