SBE Program Coordinator definition

SBE Program Coordinator means the individual appointed, from time to time, by the City’s Community and Economic

Examples of SBE Program Coordinator in a sentence

  • The SBE Program Coordinator shall consult with City departments/divisions to establish the SBE goal for competitively solicited contracts of $25,000 and above, in accordance with this chapter and the SBE Regulations.

  • The SBE Program Coordinator shall establish procedures to collect data and monitor the effect of the provisions of this chapter to assure, insofar as is practical, that the remedies set forth herein do not disproportionately favor one or more racial, gender, ethnic, or other protected groups, and that the remedies do not remain in effect beyond the point that they are required to eliminate the effects of under utilization in City contracting.

  • Such additional information as the SBE Program Coordinator or designee may require.When another governmental entity has an equivalent SBE classification process the City may enter into an interlocal cooperative agreement for mutual recognition of certifications.C. Recertification.

  • The SBE Program Coordinator shall have the authority to obtain from City departments/divisions, respondents, and contractors such relevant records, documents, and other information as is reasonably necessary to determine compliance.

  • The SBE Program Coordinator shall submit an annual report to the Community and Economic Development Director, Director of Utilities, and the City Manager detailing performance of the program.

  • When non-compliance with this chapter or the SBE Regulations has occurred, the SBE Program Coordinator and the department/division responsible for enforcement of the contract may allow continuation of the contract upon the contractor’s development of a plan for compliance acceptable to the Director.(Ord.

  • City departments/divisions or the SBE Program Coordinator may request to waive one or more of the requirements of this chapter as they apply to a particular contract or contracts.

  • The SBE Program Coordinator shall monitor compliance with all provisions of this chapter and the SBE Regulations.

  • The applicant may appeal any certification determination by the SBE Program Coordinator under this chapter to the Director.

  • If the SBE Program Coordinator determines that the contractor has not reasonably and actively pursued the use of replacement SBE(s), such contractor shall be deemed to be in non-compliance.B. Record Keeping.

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