Subproject definition

Subproject means a specific activity financed, or proposed to be financed through a FOSAP Grant under Part B.1 of the Project.
Subproject means a specific development activity under Part 3(c)(ii) of the Project, and included in the Community and Sector Development Plans, to be financed out of the proceeds of a Sub-grant; and “Subprojects” means more than one such Subproject.
Subproject means a Subproject under the Project that meets the Subproject eligibility criteria set forth in paragraph 2 of Schedule 5 to this Loan Agreement;

Examples of Subproject in a sentence

  • In the detailed measurement process on the impacts under the Solid Waste Management Sub-project, I always worked with IRC working group and presented the affected land locations as a local authority.

  • Table 2: Sub-project data Project ID Subproject Name During the field visit to the proposed landing site, it was noticed that activities of fishermen in the landing site have left the area polluted with several substances.

  • Subproject name: The equipment upgrading in government units and the rehabilitation or the new development of value chain facilities.

  • In case of Conflicts that cannot be resolved, the Subproject will be rejected.

  • This road leading to the landing site lack basic services such as lighting, sidewalks, Rehabilitation or maintenance of the access road is beyond the scope of the subproject.Table 3: The landing site coordinates Governorate Subproject-ID Sub-project title Ad-Dis DistrictFigure6 : Yemen division map shows the location of Hadhramout Governorate and its districts.

More Definitions of Subproject

Subproject means each and any of the subprojects under the Project as described in Schedule 1 to this Loan Agreement; and
Subproject means a development activity proposed by a Beneficiary under Part A.2 (d) of the Project and financed or to be financed through a Subproject Grant (as hereinafter defined) made out of the proceeds of the Development Credit;
Subproject means a program or other initiative to be carried out by Beneficiaries under Part 3 of the Project which having met the eligibility criteria set out in the Project Implementation Manual and the provisions of Schedule 2 to this Agreement is eligible for financing, on a grant basis, in accordance with the provisions of the Project Implementation Manual.
Subproject means a subproject under the Project that meets the selection criteria set out in Schedule 4 to the FFA;
Subproject means any activity under Part B of the Project, in respect of which a Grant has been, or may be, provided.
Subproject means an activity or set of activities supported or to be supported under Parts B, C and D of the Project or pursuant thereto, and in respect of which financial assistance has been, or will be, provided pursuant to an MOU; and
Subproject means one (1) or more contract packages under the Project, grouped together for procurement purposes.