Subprojects definition

Subprojects means more than one such Subproject.
Subprojects means the subprojects to be financed by the proceeds of this Loan described in Schedule 1 to this Loan Agreement, including
Subprojects means collectively Productive Subprojects, Environmental Subprojects, Rural Roads Subprojects and Institutional Subprojects.

Examples of Subprojects in a sentence

  • The Operations Manual describes the methods and procedures applicable to the Community Participation under CDD Component and Subprojects.

  • For the implementation of Part 2 of the Project, the Recipient shall cause the Project Implementing Entity to make Sub-Grants to selected Beneficiaries in accordance with detailed criteria set forth in the Subprojects Manual and pursuant to the pertinent Sub-Grant Agreement.

  • Subprojects including activities listed in ADB’s Prohibited Investment Activities List do not qualify for ADB’s financing.

  • Subprojects on EIAs, IEEs, and ECCs helped ground environmental considerations in individual development projects, a much-needed intervention given the development trends.

  • As Phase 1 subprojects had been completed by 2016, this report focuses on SDAP implementation of Phase 2 and 3 Subprojects.

More Definitions of Subprojects

Subprojects means collectively, EI Subprojects, SP Subprojects, SI Subprojects and SA Subprojects; "Subproject" means any one of such Subprojects;
Subprojects means specific projects, to be carried out by universities under the responsibility of the Borrower, for increasing quality and efficiency in higher education to be financed by FOMEC under Part B.2 of the Project, and "Subproject" means any one of them;
Subprojects means any subproject that is eligible for financing under this Loan Agreement in accordance with paragraph 2 of Schedule 5; and
Subprojects means subprojects under the Project that have been selected and approved as described in paragraph 4 of Schedule 5 to this Loan Agreement; and
Subprojects means the Micro-Grant Subprojects and Public Works Subprojects, collectively; and
Subprojects means, collectively: (i) the Institutional Development Subprojects; (ii) the Investment Subprojects; (iii) the Start-up Subprojects; and (iv) the Commercial Subprojects.
Subprojects means Type A and/or Type B Subprojects.