Definition of Performance Test

Performance Test means a test for determining emissions from new or modified sources.
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Performance Test means the trial described in Exhibit VIII.
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Examples of Performance Test in a sentence

The Parties shall, no later than twenty-four (24) months after Owners issuance of the Notice to Proceed, mutually agree upon final test procedures for the conduct of the Performance Tests as specified in and consistent with Attachment S (these test procedures and the test parameters specified in Attachment S hereinafter referred to as Performance Test Procedures).
As further provided in Contract Administration and Performance Test Monitoring Protocols set forth in Exhibit E, DWR will continue to monitor and audit the Supplier performance under the Contracts.
Annual Performance Test responsibilities generally consist of (i) verification of testing procedures, (ii) witness of performance tests, (iii) review of test results and test reports for compliance with Contract terms and conditions, and (iv) identification of contract non-compliance for dispute resolution with the Supplier.
The Systems Performance Test Procedure will include test procedures for each mode of operation and provide space to indicate whether the mode under test responded as required.
Systems Functional Performance Test Procedures will include a separate entry, with space for comments, for each item to be tested.