Performance Test definition

Performance Test means all operational checks and tests required to determine the performance parameters including inter-alia capacity, efficiency and operating characteristics of the Stores as specified in the Contract.

Examples of Performance Test in a sentence

  • Evans, Performance Test of a Steam-Assisted Elevated Flare with Passive FTIR - Detroit - Clean Air Engineering, Inc.

  • State Physical Performance TestThat the Board approve the State Physical Performance Test Waivers for the 2017-2018 school year, as presented.

  • The performance tests used for the study were Optics Performance Test (OPT) and Problem Solving Attitude Test (PSAT).

  • Completion Certificate l Defect Liability Certificate Except in cases where the contract provides for "Performance Test" before issue of Defect Liability certificate, in which case the issue of Defect Liability certificate shall be in accordance with the procedure specified therein, the contractor shall give notice of completion of work, as soon as the work is completed, to the Engineer In Charge.

  • As we noted in IMR-5, during academy classes, cadets are required to pass a Limited Scope Performance Test (LSPT) where they must demonstrate their proficiency in this area.

More Definitions of Performance Test

Performance Test means a test for determining emissions from new or modified sources.
Performance Test or “PG Test” means such tests to be carried out as per Technical Specification and Clause 31 hereof, to demonstrate the achievement of the Guaranteed Performance before the Provisional Acceptance Certificate is issued.
Performance Test shall have the meaning as defined in Section 2.03(b)(i).
Performance Test means a series of test runs used for the purpose of determining emissions of air contaminants to the outdoor atmosphere.
Performance Test means each and every test required under the Customer Agreement as a requirement for achieving the In-Service Date, as more particularly described in Schedule 12.