Service Element definition

Service Element means a telecommunications function or service component that is not useful to the user unless it is combined with one or more other telecommunications functions or service components.
Service Element is the specific type of service performed within the more general service modalities. A list of the service modalities and service elements and service elements codes is incorporated into this Intergovernmental Agreement as Document 1H(a) “Service Code Descriptions”.

Examples of Service Element in a sentence

  • The Service Level Agreement was broken down into seven Service Elements with a number of Key Tasks assigned to each Service Element.

More Definitions of Service Element

Service Element means a distinct service or group of services for persons with alcohol or other drug use disorders defined in administrative rule and included in a contract or agreement issued by the Division.
Service Element means an element of the Service as listed in the table contained in c xxxxx 2.3.
Service Element means any line, circuit or other unit of a SERVICE. In the case of switched or virtual SERVICES, `SERVICE ELEMENT" means switched or virtual SERVICES provided at a Customer location.
Service Element has the meaning as set forth in OAR 000-000-0000.
Service Element refers to the specific MCI service affected at the specific geographic Customer location affected.
Service Element individual components of the Services, as are specified in Annex 2 of each Work Contract
Service Element means switched or virtual SERVICES provided at a Customer location.