Designated Officers definition

Designated Officers means and includes, individually or jointly, the President, the Vice President, the Business Administrator, and the Secretary of the Board of School Directors (and their appropriate successors acting by reason of absence or other incapacity), being those duly elected or appointed and acting officials of the Local Government Unit hereby authorized to undertake and perform the actions herein specified, which are necessary and proper to the issuance of the Bonds and compliance with the Debt Act.
Designated Officers means any two Officers of the Company, at least one of whom must be its Chief Executive Officer, its President, its Chief Financial Officer or its Chief Accounting Officer.
Designated Officers has the meaning assigned to it in Section 10(d) hereof.

Examples of Designated Officers in a sentence

  • Said Designated Officers shall cause to be paid to the United States Treasury, without further order or direction from the Corporate Authorities, from time to time as required, amounts sufficient to meet the Rebate Requirement or to pay the Penalty.

  • The Official Agency shall maintain a current electronic list of Authorised, Liaison and Designated Officers.

  • However, there may be circumstances when the DSL will need to consult the Head, the Designated Officer(s), children's social care, the police and / or the pupil before discussing details with parents.

  • In addition to the Designated Officers, any official of the City, including any official of the Los Angeles Housing Department, as shall be authorized in writing by the Mayor of the City, is hereby authorized for and on behalf of the City to execute and deliver any of the agreements, certificates and other documents, except the Note, authorized by this Resolution.

  • Where an incident involves a member of staff, the Designated Officer(s) will be asked to assist in thisreview to determine whether any improvements can be made to the School's procedures.

More Definitions of Designated Officers

Designated Officers means a numbered list of officers of the Company who shall be deemed, in the order in which they appear on the list, directors of the Company for purposes of obtaining a quorum during an emergency (as described in Article VIII of these By-Laws) if a quorum of directors cannot otherwise be obtained during such emergency, which officers have been designated by the Board or a committee of the Board, as the case may be, from time to time but in any event prior to such time or times as an emergency may have occurred.
Designated Officers means the Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer/Interim Finance Director, or Manager of the Village, or successors or assigns.
Designated Officers means the Chief Financial Officer or in his absence the Company Secretary of the Company;
Designated Officers means, (i) in the case of ATI, the Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of ATI or his successor, and (ii) in the case of Water Pik, the President of Water Pik or his successor.
Designated Officers is defined at Section 9.1(b).
Designated Officers means, (i) in the case of ATI, the Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of ATI or his successor, and (ii) in the case of Teledyne Technologies, the Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Teledyne Technologies or his successor.
Designated Officers means the Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer or Administrator of the City, or successors or assigns, or any of them acting together.