Senior Officer definition

Senior Officer the chairman of the board, president, chief executive officer or chief financial officer of a Borrower or, if the context requires, an Obligor.

Examples of Senior Officer in a sentence

  • Without limiting the generality of Section IX hereof, and subject to applicable law, the Committee may effect recovery under this Policy from any amount of compensation approved, awarded, granted, payable, or paid to any Senior Officer prior to, on, or after the Policy Effective Date.

  • If the Company is required to prepare a Restatement, the Company shall reasonably promptly recover the amount, as calculated pursuant to this Section IV, of any erroneously awarded Incentive-Based Compensation that is Received by any Senior Officer during the Recovery Period.

  • Incentive-Based Compensation shall not be recovered under this Policy to the extent Received by any person before the date the person served as a Senior Officer.

  • The Company shall not indemnify any current or former Senior Officer against the loss of erroneously awarded compensation and shall not pay or reimburse any Senior Officer for premiums incurred or paid for any insurance policy to fund such Senior Officer’s potential recovery obligations.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, this will include Incentive-Based Compensation that may have been approved, awarded, or granted to a Senior Officer on or before the Nasdaq Rule Effective Date if such Incentive-Based Compensation is Received after the Nasdaq Rule Effective Date.

More Definitions of Senior Officer

Senior Officer means Parent's and each Borrower's (a) chief executive officer, (b) president, (c) chief financial officer, (d) treasurer, (e) vice presidents or (f) secretaries.
Senior Officer means any Senior Vice President, Managing Director, President, Chairman or Co-Chairman of the Company.
Senior Officer means the Chairman of the Board, the CEO, all other executive officers of the Company (determined in accordance with the Company’s custom and practice pursuant to section 16(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended), all other employees of the Company who report directly to the CEO and whose salary grade is 23 or higher, and all other employees of the Company whose salary grade is 26 or higher.
Senior Officer means the chair or any vice-chair of the board of directors, the president, any vice-president, the secretary, the treasurer or the general manager of a corporation or any other person who performs functions for the corporation similar to those normally performed by a person occupying any such office; (“dirigeant”)
Senior Officer means an officer nominated by management.