Scope definition

Scope means the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant.
Scope means the scope of use for the Subscription Service as set forth in the applicable Order.
Scope means the covered medical services for which payment is made to providers on behalf of eligible individuals. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority Provider Manual (OAC 317:30) contains information on covered medical services.

Examples of Scope in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall only be compensated as set forth herein for work performed in accordance with the Scope of Work.

  • Job Family Job No. Job Title Scope Variant Contractor’s Submitted Price Applications Development 1200 Director Systems and Programming 1.

  • Proposed Price – The Vendor’s maximum hourly rate for an associated Job Title or Scope Variant for the initial and renewal term.

  • Please attach contractor’s detailed Scope of Service on contractor letterhead with all costs for services including travel and supplies, if applicable.

  • Ceiling Rate – The maximum Proposed Price a Bidder may propose for an associated Job Title or Scope Variant while still being deemed to have submitted the lowest responsive bid.

More Definitions of Scope

Scope means the rehabilitative treatment service selected and the service cores or level of care within the program that is selected.
Scope means the full extent of the deliverables to be provided by a contractor, as set out in the contract, including the term of the contract;
Scope. The Contractor agrees to furnish the State its normal requirements of automotive parts and equipment on a nonexclusive basis for a period of twelve (12) months beginning November 1, 2021, and ending October 31, 2022, in accordance with all requirements in the State of Mississippi Proposal Format and Guidelines For Automotive Parts and Equipment and the Contractor’s Proposal submitted on .
Scope means the range and attributes of the Goods or Services described in the applicable Solicitation Document, or if no Solicitation Document, in the Contract.
Scope means standards of works mentioned in Section IV, which the Agency is required to take during the contract period.
Scope means the component of an Employee’s Securities Disclosure Profile that determines the extent to which the Employee is restricted from Holding and/or Trading.
Scope means “Scope of product vendor, Implementation Partner & service provider as covered in Section II” of this document, which forms part of these documents