the Territory definition

the Territory means the Australian Capital Territory and includes the Territory accepted by the Commonwealth in pursuance of the Jervis Bay Acceptance Act 1915 of the Commonwealth and described in the agreement set out in the Schedule to that Act.
the Territory means the world.
the Territory means the Northern Territory;

Examples of the Territory in a sentence

SAMRO, authorised by written deeds of assignment, controls in the Territory, amongst others, the performing rights in the Works of Music of its Members and of the Members of the Affiliated Societies.

Such investments shall be subject to the laws and regulations of the Contracting Party in the Territory of which the investments are made.

A Contracting Party, or its designated agency, having by virtue of a guarantee given for an investment made in the Territory of the other Contracting Party, made payment to one of its own Investors is, by virtue of subrogation, entitled to exercise the rights and actions as well as to assume the obligations of the said Investor.

The present agreement shall apply to investments made after 29 december 1990 in the Territory of a Contracting Party in accordance with its laws and regulations.

The Contractor must obtain Worker's Compensation insurance covering all employees engaged in the Work in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Territory or Province or state of nationality, domicile, employment, having jurisdiction over such employees.

More Definitions of the Territory

the Territory means the mandated territory of South-West Africa.
the Territory means the territory of Somalia;
the Territory the countries of the European Union, USA, Canada and Japan;
the Territory means the territory of South-West Africa and includes for all purposes the portion of the Territory known as the “Rehoboth Gebiet” and defined in the First Schedule to Proclamation by the Administrator of the Territory No. 28 of 1923;
the Territory means, according to the context, the body politic established by the Northern Territory (Self-Government) Act 1978 of the Commonwealth as the Northern Territory of Australia or the geographical area constituting the Northern Territory of Australia.
the Territory means the territory of South-West Africa;
the Territory means the territory of Sudan;