Breadth (B definition

Breadth (B means the maximum breadth of the ship, measured amidships to the moulded line of the frame in a ship with a metal shell and to the outer surface of the hull in a ship with a shell of any other material. The breadth (B) shall be measured in metres.
Breadth (B means breath of the broadest part of the moulded watertight envelope of the rigid hull, excluding appendages, at or below the design waterline in the displacement mode with no lift or propulsion machinery active.
Breadth (B means the maximum breadth of the hull in metres, measured to the outer edge of the shell plating (excluding paddle wheels, rub rails, and similar);

Examples of Breadth (B in a sentence

  • Its breadth B is 2, and the longest dependence chain D in the graph is 4.In the current compiler implementation, the minimum initiation interval is optimistically estimated to be equal to the longest LBD latency for the given width, assuming that the set of LBDs are mutually independent and that operations are not moved between basic blocks.

  • In general, widening the Istream reduces the LBD latency for at least three reasons: the relative difference in latencies to a and b decreases as operations are more tightly compacted, because the breadth B of the dependence graph may no longer exceed the Istream width, and because operations not part of this dependence graph that are scheduled between a and b may no longer unnecessarily lengthen the dependence latency in a sub-optimal schedule.

  • The breadth B of this graph is the minimum number of operations in this graph required to be executed in parallel without lengthening the schedule.

More Definitions of Breadth (B

Breadth (B means the maximum breadth of the ship measured amidships to the moulded line of the frame in the case of a ship having a metal shell, or to the outer surface of the hull in the case of a ship having a shell of any other material;
Breadth (B means the maximum breadth of the vessel, such as it is evident from the vessel's tonnage certificate.10 11
Breadth (B means the maximum beam measured outside the side planking or plating, not including paddle wheels;
Breadth (B means the greatest breadth of the vessel.

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