Boundary definition

Boundary means any lateral or street boundary of a site;
Boundary in relation to a building, means the boundary of the land belonging to the building (such land being deemed to include any abutting part of a street, canal or river but only up to the centre line thereof); and boundary of the premises shall be construed so as to include any such part to the same extent;
Boundary means the limits in a professional relationship which create safety based on the needs of the client.

Examples of Boundary in a sentence

  • The material to be used for flagging the limits of construction shall be orange vinyl material with the wording "Wetland Boundary" printed thereon.

  • Consistency between the revised hydraulic models, the revised floodplain and floodway delineations, the revised flood profiles, topographic work map, annotated FIRMs and/or Flood Boundary Floodway Maps (FBFMs), construction plans, bridge plans.

  • Boundary measurements and area calculations are approximate and should not be construed as survey measurements performed by a licensed Michigan Surveyor as defined in Michigan Public Act 132 of 1970 as amended.

  • Boundary walls and fences should be regularly checked and maintained as necessary.

  • The area may be designated as Zone A on the Flood Hazard Boundary Map (FHBM).

More Definitions of Boundary

Boundary means the boundary established by vote of the city governing body and
Boundary means that line, as mutually agreed upon and/or recognized by Hockey Alberta, that separates one member association from another, and defines that area from which each member association may register participants as "Resident" Players;
Boundary in relation to a land unit means one or more of the cadastral lines separating the land unit from another land unit or from a road reserve;
Boundary means a marked line placed on the ground by the Organiser to show the place allocated for the Trade Stand of the Exhibitor for the Show
Boundary means a line or landmark that serves to clarify, outline, or mark a limit, border, or interface;
Boundary means any lateral or street boundary of a site; "building" means:—
Boundary. ’ means, in the case of—