Host Site definition

Host Site means the site at which the Site Host Load is consumed, including real property, facilities and equipment owned or operated by the Site Host or its Related Entities located at such site.
Host Site means an institution authorized under this Settlement Agreement to host the Research Corpus pursuant to the requirements of Section 7.2(d)(ii) (Host Sites).

Examples of Host Site in a sentence

  • The site agreement shall include terms to allow, upon reasonable advance notice, XXXXXXX’s Project Manager and his/her invited guests to visit the Host Site to inspect the (insert technology to be demonstrated) and to witness operations.

  • The site agreement shall be executed with an entity having the authority to commit the Host Site.

  • The site agreement shall include terms for installing and monitoring the (insert technology to be demonstrated) at the Host Site and shall clearly specify the commitment and responsibilities of all parties.

More Definitions of Host Site

Host Site means the main site where the core bingo activity-but not limited to the conduct of ball drawing-is being held that is simultaneously transmitted to the
Host Site means the location at which the live bingo game is conducted and the transmission of the remote caller bingo game originates.
Host Site means the physical location where an Iowa national service corps member is based for the period of service in the Iowa national service corps program. The sponsoring organization may be the host site.
Host Site means the geographic address at which a mobile PET scanner is authorized by CON to provide mobile PET scanner services.