Easement Area definition

Easement Area means the area of the servient lot marked on the survey-strata plan as being subject to the relevant easement; and
Easement Area means the area which is hatched on the plan.
Easement Area means the portion of a parcel that is encumbered by an ACEP easement.

Examples of Easement Area in a sentence

  • No right of access by the general public to any portion of the Conservation Easement Area is conveyed by this Conservation Easement.

  • The City hereby consents to the construction of the fence at the location identified on Exhibit B, within the Easement Area subject to, and conditioned upon, the provisions of this agreement.

  • In no event shall the City be responsible for any reconstruction, replacement, repair or maintenance of the fence or any improvements or structure located on the Property within the Easement Area.

  • To proceed at law or in equity to enforce the provision of this Conservation Easement and the covenants set forth herein, to prevent the occurrence of any of the prohibited activities set forth herein, and to require the restoration of such areas or features of the Conservation Easement Area that may be damaged by any activity or use that is inconsistent with this Conservation Easement.

  • When perpetual maintenance is required by the Permit, Grantor shall pay before delinquency any and all taxes, assessments, fees, and charges of whatever description levied on or assessed by competent authority on the Conservation Easement Area, and shall furnish the Grantee with satisfactory evidence of payment upon request.

More Definitions of Easement Area

Easement Area is defined as any portion of the Property located within fifteen (15) feet of the centerline of the overhead distribution line(s) as installed in the approximate location shown on “Exhibit A” attached hereto and made a part hereof and any portion of the Property located within ten (10) feet of the centerline of the underground distribution line(s) and related equipment as installed in the approximate location shown on “Exhibit A”. The rights granted herein include and embrace the right of the Company to construct, operate, maintain, repair, renew and rebuild continuously upon and under the Easement Area its lines for transmitting electric current with poles, wires, transformers, service pedestals, anchors, guy wires and other necessary apparatus, fixtures, and appliances; the right to attach communication PARCEL 002 NAME OF LINE/PROJECT: PI # L6946 XXXXXXX DRIVE - AUSTIN ELEM SCHOOL (DEKALB COUNTY) DISTRIBUTION LINE facilities and related apparatus, fixtures, and appliances to said poles; the right to stretch communication or other lines within the Easement Area; the right to permit the attachment of the cables, lines, wires, apparatus, fixtures, and appliances of any other company or person to said poles for electrical, communication or other purposes; the right to assign this Easement in whole or in part; the right at all times to enter upon the Easement Area for the purpose of inspecting said lines and/or making repairs, renewals, alterations and extensions thereon, thereunder, thereto or therefrom; the right to cut, trim, remove, clear and keep clear of said overhead or underground lines, transformers, fixtures, and appliances all trees and other obstructions that may in the opinion of the Company now or hereafter in any way interfere or be likely to interfere with the proper maintenance and operation of said overhead or underground lines, transformers, fixtures, and appliances; the right of ingress and egress over the Property to and from the Easement Area; and the right to install and maintain electrical and communication lines and facilities to existing and future structure(s) within the Easement Area under the easement terms provided herein. Any timber cut on the Easement Area by or for the Company shall remain the property of the owner of said timber. The Undersigned does not convey any land, but merely grants the rights, privileges and easements hereinbefore set out. The Company shall not be liable for or bound by any statement, agreement or unde...
Easement Area means the Servient Tenement.
Easement Area means the property within the Con Edison Substation encompassed by the permanent easement under the Easement Agreement and on which Central Xxxxxx Equipment installed a 345 kV circuit breaker and related equipment and bus work, as depicted on the plot plan included as Annex I to this Agreement.
Easement Area means that portion or portions of Parcel A and Parcel B as described in Schedule "D";
Easement Area and “Grantor’s Land,” as well as other terms used in this Grant of Easement, are defined below in Paragraph 2. The scope of the affirmative perpetual easement herein granted is more fully defined, limited, and subject to the conditions and covenants set forth in the following paragraphs.
Easement Area means that portion or portions of the Burdened Lands as described in Schedule "D";
Easement Area. An area within the Property one hundred thirteen (113’) wide (including thirty-three feet (33’) of township right-of-way and eighty (80) feet of the Property adjacent to such right-of-way) and approximately 2,648 feet long, parallel and adjacent to the east property line, within the Property, in the locations generally depicted on Exhibit B-1 of the Transmission Easement Agreement.