Preexisting Materials definition

Preexisting Materials means any Intellectual Property Rights or tangible personal property of Supplier or Cisco created before the date of this Purchase Order or outside the scope of this Purchase Order.
Preexisting Materials means items including their Externals, contained within a Deliverable, in which the copyrights are owned by a third party or that Supplier prepared or had prepared outside the scope of this Agreement. Preexisting Materials exclude Tools, but may include material that is created by the use of Tools.
Preexisting Materials means any materials included in the Deliverables necessary for effective utilization thereof but which were developed outside the scope of work encompassed by this Agreement.

Examples of Preexisting Materials in a sentence

  • Subject to the limitations and obligations of the State with respect to Pre-existing Materials, the State may make all custom Deliverables available to the general public without any proprietary notices of any kind.

  • On the request of the Contractor, the State will incorporate any proprietary notice that Contractor may reasonably want for any Pre-existing Materials included in a custom Deliverable in all copies the State makes of that Deliverable.

  • If the Contractor wants to incorporate any Pre-existing Materials in a custom Deliverable, the Contractor must disclose that desire to the State and obtain written approval from the State for doing so in advance.

  • However, the Contractor will retain ownership of all tools, methods, techniques, standards, and other development procedures, as well as generic and preexisting shells, subroutines, and similar material incorporated in any custom Deliverable ("Pre-existing Materials").The Contractor grants the State a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual license to use, modify, sell, and otherwise distribute all Pre-existing Materials that are incorporated in any custom-developed Deliverable.

  • If the Contractor wants to incorporate any Pre-existing Materials into a custom Deliverable, the Contractor must first disclose that desire to the State in writing and seek the State's approval for doing so in advance.

More Definitions of Preexisting Materials

Preexisting Materials means Materials created by or for Minnetronix prior to its beginning work for Client pursuant to this Agreement.
Preexisting Materials means materials and know-how that are delivered under this Master Contract by Vendor to WSDOT, but that do not originate therefrom.
Preexisting Materials means any Materials that exist prior to the effective date of this Alliance Agreement, or that have been or will be licensed or otherwise acquired by NCD or developed by NCD outside the scope of this Alliance Agreement.
Preexisting Materials means any intellectual property or other proprietary information or material owned or created by, or otherwise licensed to Provider or its Affiliates prior to the date of the Agreement, or which is created or prepared other than as required in order for Provider to provide Services pursuant to the Agreement. Hardware Products, Software Products, Support Services and Cloud Services are all Preexisting Materials.
Preexisting Materials means literary works or other works of authorship which are created or prepared outside the auspices of the EXPERT GROUP.