Space definition

Space means the exhibition space allocated to exhibitor by ABHI as set out in the ABHI’s acceptance of the Exhibitor’s Application
Space means the volume of gas which a user of a storage facility is entitled to use for the storage of gas;
Space means outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies; and

Examples of Space in a sentence

  • Even NASA seems to be getting its mojo back, recently announcing a revamped vision for a Deep Space Gateway that includes a port of call at the Moon en route to Mars and beyond.

  • Residential Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD);Trees and Landscaping on Development Sites SPD adopted in March 2007; and Tameside Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study (2010).

  • Space to keep generator with concrete Bed and this area will not be included in the rent payable area (floor area).

  • A section 106 agreement was completed as part of the outline consent which secured financial contributions for off-site Education, Green Space and Highway improvements.

  • Zhang Yunxing, Beijing Running Out of Landfill Space, CHINA.ORG.CN (June 9, 2009), content_17917149.htm.

More Definitions of Space

Space means the exhibition space allocated to the Client by Informa (together with the ancillary services provided to the Client in connection with such exhibition space) as set out in the Application Form;
Space. , as used in this agreement, means that part of the self‑service storage facility as described above. The occupant agrees to pay the owner, as payment for the use of the space and improvements on the space, the monthly sum of $__________. Monthly installments are payable in advance on or before the first _____day of each month, in the amount of $__________, and a like amount of each month after that, until the termination of this agreement.
Space means the exhibit space at the Event.
Space means a plot of ground within a manufactured and mobile home community, designed for the accommodation of one manufactured or mobile home.