Space definition

Space means the exhibition space allocated to exhibitor by ABHI as set out in the ABHI’s acceptance of the Exhibitor’s Application
Space means the exhibit space at the Event.

Examples of Space in a sentence

Bell covenants to repair, at its sole expense, any direct damages to the Building or the Equipment Space where such damages are caused by or arising out of any negligent act, wilful misconduct or omission relating to Bell's use and occupation of the Equipment Space or the Building (the "Covenant").

Upon the public release of data from each K2 cam- paign, we downloaded the K2 target pixel files from the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) and ex- tracted raw light curves by summing the flux contained within in 20 different stationary photometric apertures at each time stamp.

On January 29, 2013, Vaughan Council adopted a recommendation to also apply Site Plan Control to all employment buildings located on lots that abut an Open Space Zone.

Space Florida may revoke or modify its order certifying a business, and it may order the forfeiture of previously claimed tax credits or credits available to be taken.

Required Amendment: Amend the last paragraph of Policy 07.1.10 to add to the Policy the requirement for Site Plan Approval for development on employment lots that abut an Open Space Zone as shown on Attachment #7.

More Definitions of Space

Space means an identifiable area. Examples of spaces include, but are not limited to, rooms, toilet rooms, halls, assembly areas, entrances, storage rooms, alcoves, courtyards, and lobbies.
Space means the area in the Event building applied for by or allotted to the customer.
Space means the capacity to have Gas-in-Storage up to an agreed quantity and is expressed in kWh.
Space means the volume of gas which a user of a storage facility is entitled to use for the storage of gas;
Space means the storage space specified in your Standard Self Storage Agreement Schedule (or any other storage space as may be subsequently allocated to the Storer by the FO during the Storage Period).
Space means a portion of the assigned Unit or shared Unit in University Housing.