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OPSI Advisory Committee means the committee established under Tariff, Attachment M, section III.G.
OPSI Advisory Committee means the committee established under Section III.G.
OPSI Advisory Committee means the committee established under SectionIII.G.

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  • Neither the OPSI Advisory Committee nor any State Commission (including commissioners and staff persons) shall be liable to any person under this Plan for any financial loss, loss of economic advantage, opportunity cost, or actual or consequential damages associated with performing any of its functions or duties under this Plan.

  • Upon request in writing by the OPSI Advisory Committee, the Market Monitoring Unit may, in its discretion, provide such studies or reports on wholesale market issues, including wholesale market transactions occurring under a state-administered auction process, as may affect one or more states within the PJM area.

  • Within forty-five (45) days of any such notice, the Market Monitoring Unit, the OPSI Advisory Committee, MMU Advisory Committee, any PJM member or any stakeholder may provide advice or comment to the PJM Board regarding the proposed termination and/or the proposed process for selecting a new Market Monitoring Unit.

  • The Market Monitor shall, not later than September 15, submit a draft budget to the Finance Committee, OPSI Advisory Committee, and PJM Board for review and comment.

  • There shall be an OPSI Advisory Committee comprised of five (5) representatives appointed by the Organization of PJM States, Inc.

  • The OPSI Advisory Committee shall meet with the Market Monitoring Unit on a regular basis and as otherwise necessary to receive and discuss information relevant to this Plan.

  • In addition to the specific responsibilities regarding budget and termination set forth in Sections III.E and III.F, the OPSI Advisory Committee may provide advice to the Commission, Market Monitor, the PJM Board, stakeholder committees, and stakeholder working groups regarding any matter concerning the Market Monitor, Market Monitoring Unit or Market Monitoring Plan.

  • The Market Monitoring Unit, OPSI Advisory Committee and any interested stakeholder may submit to FERC such comments, protests or other documents and advice as appropriate on such filing.

  • The Finance Committee, OPSI Advisory Committee, and PJM Board shall have until October 15 to request changes in the budget.

  • The audit report shall be provided to the PJM Board, Market Monitoring Unit, OPSI, OPSI Advisory Committee and PJM members subject to the protection of confidential information.

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OPSI Advisory Committee meanss the committee established under Tariff, Attachment M, sSection III.G.
OPSI Advisory Committee means the committee established under SectionIII.G. (j) “PJM” means PJM Interconnection, L.L.C., including the Office of the Interconnection as referenced in the PJM Operating Agreement. (k) “PJM Board” means the Board of Managers of PJM or its designated representative, exclusive of any members of PJM Management. (l) “PJM Entities” mean PJM, including the Market Monitoring Unit, the PJM Board, and PJM’s officers, employees, representatives, advisors, contractors, and consultants. (m) “PJM Liaison” means the liaison established under Section III.I. (n) “PJM Management” means the officers, executives, supervisors and employee managers of PJM. (o) “PJM Manuals” mean those documents, including business rules, produced by PJM that describe detailed PJM operating and accounting procedures that are made publicly available in hard copy and on the Internet. (p) “PJM Markets” mean the PJM Interchange Energy and Capacity Markets, including the RPM auctions, together with all bilateral or other wholesale electric power and energy transactions, capacity transactions, ancillary services transactions (including black start service), transmission transactions and any other market operated under the PJM Tariff or Operating Agreement within the PJM Region. (q) “PJM Market Rules” mean the rules, standards, procedures, and practices of the PJM Markets set forth in the PJM Tariff, the PJM Operating Agreement, the PJM Reliability Assurance Agreement, the PJM Consolidated Transmission Owners Agreement, the PJM Manuals, the PJM Regional Practices Document, the PJM-Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator Joint Operating Agreement or any other document setting forth market rules. (r) “PJM Operating Agreement” means the Amended and Restated Operating Agreement of PJM on file with the Commission. (s) “PJM Regional Practices Document” means the document of that title that compiles and describes the practices in the PJM Markets and that is made available in hard copy and on the Internet. (t) “PJM Reliability Assurance Agreement” means the Reliability Assurance Agreement among Load Serving Entities in the PJM Region on file with the Commission. (u) “PJM Tariff” means the Open Access Transmission Tariff of PJM on file with the Commission.

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  • Advisory Committee means the Employer's Advisory Committee as from time to time constituted.

  • Market Monitoring Unit Advisory Committee or “MMU Advisory Committee” shall mean the committee established under Tariff, Attachment M, section III.H.

  • Operating Committee means the Operating Committee of Epoch which meets frequently and is responsible for implementing the Company’s strategy, making operational decisions and overseeing the day-to-day running of the Company.

  • Review Committee or “Committee” means a committee established pursuant to rule Chapter 67-60, F.A.C.

  • Management Committee means in the case of a Competition which is an unincorporated association, the management committee elected to manage the running of the Competition and where the Competition is incorporated it means the Board of Directors appointed in accordance with the articles of association of that company.

  • Steering Committee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.