Supervisory Committee definition

Supervisory Committee means an oversight committee elected at a general meeting;
Supervisory Committee means the Comisión Fiscalizadora of the Company.
Supervisory Committee means a committee of members that may be constituted in terms of the constitution of a primary co-operative to exercise supervision over the board of directors;

Examples of Supervisory Committee in a sentence

  • If you violate either the letter or the spirit of this Code, the Firms (through the Ethics and Supervisory Committee) might take a variety of remedial measures.

  • Covered Securities, and transactions in Covered Securities, may be exempted (individually or by class) from Section 3.a hereof by the Supervisory Committee on a finding that the purchase or sale involved is only remotely potentially harmful to the Fund or other client because, e.g., the purchase or sale would be very unlikely to affect a highly institutional market.

  • The execution of work costing more than Rs. 5.00 lacs will be monitored by a Citizen Supervisory Committee of 5 to 7 persons who are stake holders in the work.

  • The running bill shall carry a certificate signed by all the members of the Citizen Supervisory Committee to the effect that " the work till date has been satisfactorily carried out and the payment of the amount mentioned in the running bill may be released by MCF" In the absence of such a certificate the running bill shall not be sent by the Engineering Branch to the Accounts Branch unless the S.D.O. certifies that no such Citizen Supervisory Committee was set up for the said work.

  • Each Access Person shall provide the Supervisory Committee with a schedule of all personal securities holdings upon commencement of employment (or upon becoming an Access Person) and annually thereafter.

More Definitions of Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee means the committee appointed in accordance with the provisions of Part 7 with the responsibilities to supervise a student pursuing a degree with thesis;
Supervisory Committee means the committee mentioned in Article 40;
Supervisory Committee means a committee contemplated in section 27(3)(b);’’;
Supervisory Committee means the Comisión Fiscalizadora of IRSA PC.
Supervisory Committee means the committee of statutory auditors appointed by the shareholders of the Company.
Supervisory Committee means the committee which reviews and approves the DJ-UBS CISM
Supervisory Committee means the committee established by Article 37;