Operating Assets definition

Operating Assets means, for any accounting period, any assets included in the consolidated balance sheet of Altria and its Subsidiaries as “Inventories,” or “Property, plant and equipment” or “Receivables” for such period.
Operating Assets has the meaning given to it in paragraph 1.1 of Schedule 14.2 (Maintenance of Operating Assets);

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  • Operating assets ...........................................................................................................................................

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Operating Assets means the assets Manager or its Related Parties owns and uses in connection with the operation of the Service Area Network, at the time of termination, to provide the Sprint PCS Products and Services. Operating Assets does not include items such as furniture, fixtures and buildings that Manager or its Related Parties use in connection with other businesses. Examples of Operating Assets include without limitation: switches, towers, cell sites, systems, records and retail stores.
Operating Assets means the following:
Operating Assets has the meaning set forth in Granting Clause Sixth.
Operating Assets. (a) bookings for the use of guest rooms, banquet facilities, ballrooms, spas, salons, pools, restaurants, meeting rooms and other guest facilities at the Casino Hotel or at any other Improvements now or hereafter located on any of the Land; (b) contract rights, trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, copyrights, warranties and other types of intangible personal property, and any and all goodwill associated with the same relating to the ownership or operation of the Casino Hotel or of any other Improvements now or hereafter located on any of the Land, including, without limitation, (1) telephone and other communication numbers, (2) all software licensing agreements as are required to operate computer software systems at the Casino Hotel or at any other Improvements now or hereafter located on any of the Land and books and records relating to the software programs and (3) lessee’s interest under leases of Tangible Personal Property; (c) Tangible Personal Property; (d) drawings, designs, plans and specifications prepared by architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers and any other professionals or consultants for the design, development, construction and/or improvement of the Casino Hotel, or for any other development of the Land, as amended from time to time; (e) customer lists utilized in the operation of the Casino Hotel including lists of transient guests and restaurant and bar patrons and “high roller” lists; and (f) all of the goodwill in connection with the foregoing Operating Assets and in connection with the operation of the Casino Hotel.
Operating Assets means all property rights and interests of the Partnership being sold hereunder in the lands and leases described in Exhibit "B", as set forth in Section 2.4.
Operating Assets in the Schedule of Definitions is amended to remove the phrase "or its Related Parties" as such phrase appears throughout said definition. The following sentence is added after the second sentence in the definition of "Operating Assets" in the Schedule of Definitions: "Operating Assets does include any contracts or agreements between Manager and its Related Parties which are necessary to operate the Service Area Network.