Midstream Assets definition

Midstream Assets. Includes investments in natural gas transportation and storage assets and is comprised of the following: an equity investment in Dominion Midstream Partners, LP, which holds ownership interests in the Iroquois Gas Transmission System, Cove Point and Dominion Carolina Gas Transmission; Xxxxxxxx Ridge, which is a partnership that owns and operates a 17.7 Bcf natural gas storage facility, with up to 12 Bcf working capacity, in western Pennsylvania that is 50 percent owned by a Company Subsidiary; and a 20 percent ownership interest in the proposed PennEast Pipeline, a 118-mile pipeline designed to bring natural gas produced in the Marcellus Shale region to homes and businesses in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. ___ Home Services: Consists of NJR Home Services Company, which provides Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service, sales and installation of appliances, as well as installation of solar equipment.
Midstream Assets. The States of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Home Services: The State of New Jersey.
Midstream Assets means (i) assets used primarily for gathering, transmission, storage, processing or treatment of natural gas, natural gas liquids or other hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide and (ii) equity interests of any Person that has no substantial assets other than assets referred to in clause (i).

Examples of Midstream Assets in a sentence

  • But Scheinman told several high-level LDH executives that, in his opinion, it was legal error not to consider the January 14 bids in fixing a value for the Midstream Assets.

  • January 2011).50 Around the same time, LDH was continuing its efforts to auction the Midstream Assets.

  • Specifically, on January 14, 2011, LDH received twenty-three bids for the Midstream Assets, and the median bid was $1.8 billion.

  • Notably, the record is devoid of evidence that the Midstream Assets materially increased in value between December 2010 and March 2011.The Plaintiffs argue that the Defendants breached the LLC agreement by refusing to take account of this market evidence in redeeming the Units.

  • The problem, according to the Plaintiffs, is that between December 23, 2010, and April 2011, highly probative evidence emerged that, as of December 31, the Midstream Assets were worth almost half a billion dollars more than the value used to redeem the Units.

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Midstream Assets means assets used in energy logistics, including, but not limited to, assets used in transporting, storing, gathering, processing, fractionating, distributing, or marketing of natural gas, natural gas liquids, crude oil, refined products or water produced in conjunction with such activities.
Midstream Assets means (i) assets used primarily for gathering (from above ground sources), transmission, storage, processing or treatment of natural gas, natural gas liquids or other Hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide and assets substantially similar to the foregoing and conventionally understood to be “midstream assets” (including midstream water assets) and (ii) Equity Interests of any Person that has no assets (other than de minimis assets) other than assets referred to in clause (i); for the avoidance of doubt, it being understood that in no event shall Hydrocarbons, Hydrocarbon Interests or Oil and Gas Properties or Equity Interests of any Person owning the foregoing be deemed Midstream Assets.
Midstream Assets means all tangible and intangible property used in (a) gathering, compressing, treating, processing and transporting Hydrocarbons, water or steam; (b) fractionating and transporting Hydrocarbons, water or steam; and (c) marketing Hydrocarbons, water or steam; including, without limitation, gathering lines and gathering systems, pipelines and pipeline systems, storage facilities, liquid extraction plants, plant compressors, pumps, pumping units, field gathering systems, gas processing plants, and any other gathering, transportation, compression, storage, processing, treating, dehydration, fractionation, generation, disposal or other similar assets related to the handling of Hydrocarbons, water or steam, and together with surface leases, rights-of-way, easements and servitudes related to each of the foregoing.
Midstream Assets means, collectively, compressor stations, terminals, pipelines, processing facilities and storage tanks and, in each case, related personalty, now or hereafter owned by any Loan Party that are used in connection with the Midstream Activities.