Sale Assets definition

Sale Assets has the meaning given such term in Section 5.2(b).
Sale Assets shall have the meaning given such term in the Recitals of this Agreement.
Sale Assets is defined in Section 5.2(a)(ii).

Examples of Sale Assets in a sentence

  • That I do hereby confirm and undertake that I am not ineligible as per Section 29A of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, or any other applicable law, nor am I acting jointly or in concert with any ineligible person, in relation to the Sale Assets being acquired.

  • Consequently, the Sale Assets shall forthwith be sold again and such defaulting Applicant shall also forfeit all claims on the Sale Assets or to any part of the amount for which it may be subsequently sold.

  • Only Eligible Applicants may, prior to submitting their Bids, but only after obtaining Information Sheet from the Liquidator, visit the power plant and inspect the Sale Assets of the Corporate Debtor from Monday to Saturday by taking prior appointment of the persons designated by the Liquidator.

  • It is understood that each recipient of this Invitation will perform its own independent investigation and due diligence of the Sale Assets of the Company, based on such information as it deems relevant and without reliance on the Liquidator and this Invitation.

  • Information Sheet pertaining to Sale Assets shall be provided to the Eligible Applicants.

More Definitions of Sale Assets

Sale Assets is defined in Section 5.2(a).
Sale Assets is defined in Section 7.2(a).
Sale Assets has the meaning specified in Section 15.3(a).
Sale Assets means the Real Property Assets and any personal property assets of the PAALC incidental to the Real Property Assets which are not part of the Excluded Assets and the Ground Lease which is are being sold pursuant to the terms of the PSA.
Sale Assets is defined in Section 4.2(a).
Sale Assets is defined in Section 5.2.
Sale Assets. Defined in Section 2.1(a).