Permitted Assets definition

Permitted Assets means any and all properties or assets that are used or useful in a Permitted Business (including Capital Stock in a Person that is a Restricted Subsidiary and Capital Stock in a Person whose primary business is a Permitted Business that shall become a Restricted Subsidiary immediately upon the acquisition of such Capital Stock by the Issuer or by a Restricted Subsidiary, but excluding any other securities).
Permitted Assets means (i) Cash, Cash Equivalents, Permitted Securities, Shares and Collateral, (ii) proceeds of the foregoing consisting of Cash, Cash Equivalents, Permitted Securities, Shares and Collateral and (iii) dividends and distributions in respect of any Cash, Cash Equivalents, Permitted Securities, Shares, and/or Collateral.
Permitted Assets means (a) where any Property Sub or any assets of a Property Sub or of a Borrower have been sold or otherwise transferred, assets, including real estate, to be used by any Borrower or any Property Sub in conducting Property Development Activities, the Property Management Business or the agribusiness and (b) in all other instances, assets, including real estate, to be used in conducting Property Development Activities, the Property Management Business, the agribusiness.

Examples of Permitted Assets in a sentence

  • Except as otherwise provided in Article XII, Cash Available for Distribution shall be distributed on the last Business Day of each Fiscal Quarter, or if such day is not a Business Day on the next succeeding Business Day (each such date, a "Distribution Date") to the Members in proportion to their Percentage Interests.The Manager shall cause any remaining Cash Available for Distribution to be invested in Permitted Assets.

  • The Company may enter into any agreement and perform any action necessary or useful for the purposes of securitising Permitted Assets, including, without limitation, disposing of its assets in accordance with the relevant agreements.

  • On 21 November 2018, Compartment VCL 27 acquired from VCL Master S.A. - Compartment 1 a portfolio of Permitted Assets valued at EUR 957,449,751 following a discount on its nominal value of 5.7016 per cent per annum on the basis of a 360/360 day year.

  • The other receivables becoming due and payable within one year consist predominantly of the receivable due from Volkswagen Leasing GmbH for the December 2018 collection of the Permitted Assets, which is due in January 2019.

  • The Trustee invests in a portfolio (“the Portfolio”) of liability hedging instruments with Insight Investment Management (Global) Limited (“Insight”):• The Portfolio shall be constructed to match portions of the Scheme’s interest rate and inflation exposure using the Permitted Assets (as set out in Guidelines - Schedule 3 Part B of the Investment Management Agreement (IMA) between the Scheme and Insight).

More Definitions of Permitted Assets

Permitted Assets is defined in Section 2.2(d).
Permitted Assets means (i) hydrocarbon or other reserves (including proved, probable, possible or speculative reserves), (ii) properties, assets, rights or business related to reserves (including real property, gathering systems, plants, pipelines, equipment and processing and treatment facilities), (iii) other fixed or operating assets and (iv) Equity Interests in any and all Business Entities that are or become Subsidiaries of the Borrower owning assets referred to in any of the foregoing clauses.
Permitted Assets means any and all long-term assets that are used or useful in an Oil and Gas Business.
Permitted Assets has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1(d).
Permitted Assets means cash, securities listed by the Securities Valuation Office of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and qualifying as admitted assets of the Ceding Company under the applicable laws of the State of Iowa, or any other form of security acceptable to the Iowa Insurance Commissioner, or any combination of the above.
Permitted Assets means (a) a Vessel and any Approved Charters associated therewith and any other assets necessary or desirable for the proper operation and maintenance of such Vessel, (b) Financial Investments, and (c) Hedge Agreements.