SpinCo Employee definition

SpinCo Employee means any individual who, immediately following the Distribution Date, will be employed by Spinco or any member of the Spinco Group in a capacity considered by Spinco to be common law employment, including active employees and employees on vacation and approved leaves of absence (including maternity, paternity, family, sick, short-term or long-term disability leave, qualified military service under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994, and leave under the Family Medical Leave Act and other approved leaves).
SpinCo Employee means, as of any applicable date, (a) each individual who is an employee of the SpinCo Group as of immediately prior to the Distribution, including any individual who is not actively at work due to a leave of absence (including vacation, holiday, illness, injury, short-term disability but excluding, until such time as provided in ARTICLE 7, any SpinCo LTD Employee) from which such employee is permitted to return to active employment in accordance with the SpinCo Group’s personnel policies, as in effect from time to time, or applicable Law, (b) each individual who becomes an active employee of the SpinCo Group following the Distribution, but, in each case of clause (a) or (b), excluding any Former SpinCo Employee, (c) each individual listed on Schedule 1.01(a) or listed in a Local Agreement as a SpinCo Employee and (d) each individual who, although deemed to be an employee of the Honeywell Group due to the Transfer of Undertakings because of such individual’s rendering of services pursuant to the TSA or otherwise, is intended by Honeywell to be a SpinCo Employee; provided, however, that, unless otherwise required by applicable Law, each individual listed on Schedule 1.01(b) or listed in a Local Agreement as a Honeywell Employee shall be a Honeywell Employee for all purposes of this Agreement.
SpinCo Employee has the meaning set forth in the Employee Matters Agreement.

Examples of SpinCo Employee in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, for purposes of this ARTICLE 6, the term “SpinCo Employees” shall be deemed to include any Former SpinCo Employee who was receiving welfare benefits in connection with his or her termination of employment from a member of the Honeywell Group or the SpinCo Group as of the applicable Welfare Plan Date.

  • G.I. “L” angle perimeter channel shall be installed along the peripheral walls of the rooms.

  • The Parties hereto agree that none of the transactions contemplated by the Separation Agreement or any of the Ancillary Agreements, including this Agreement, shall result in any SpinCo Employee, SpinCo LTD Employee or Former SpinCo Employee being deemed to have incurred a termination of employment or being eligible to receive severance benefits, solely as a result of the Distribution.

  • QT applied for his passport on 29 July 2014 within a month of Al Baghdadi declaring the existence of a caliphate.

  • To the extent transferred, any beneficiary designation made by a SpinCo Group Employee or Former SpinCo Group Employee under a corresponding Parent Benefit Plan shall be transferred to and be in full force and effect under the corresponding SpinCo Benefit Plan until such beneficiary designation is replaced or revoked by the SpinCo Employee or Former SpinCo Employee who made the beneficiary designation.

More Definitions of SpinCo Employee

SpinCo Employee shall have the meaning set forth in the Employee Matters Agreement.
SpinCo Employee shall have the meaning specified in Section 4.12(a).
SpinCo Employee means any Employee who is (i) employed by any member of the SpinCo Group immediately prior to the Distribution Date and who continues in employment with the SpinCo Group from and after the Distribution Date, or (ii) hired by any member of the SpinCo Group on or after the Distribution Date.
SpinCo Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 5.12(a).
SpinCo Employee means any person employed or formerly employed by any Spinco Entity at the time of the exercise, vesting, settlement, disqualifying disposition or payment, as appropriate, unless, at such time, such person is employed by a member of the GGP Group or was more recently employed by a GGP Entity than by a Spinco Entity;
SpinCo Employee means each Employee, Contractor or Director who provides services primarily for the benefit of the SpinCo Business and who, following the Effective Time, remains employed by or in service with any SpinCo Entity, including any such active employees and any such employees on approved leaves of absence. SpinCo Employees shall include, without limitation, those Employees, Contractors and Directors set forth on Schedule 1.1K attached hereto.
SpinCo Employee has the meaning set forth in the ATLS Merger Agreement.