Contract Value definition

Contract Value means that portion of the Contract Price adjusted to give effect to such additions or deductions as are provided for in the Contract which is properly apportion-able to the Goods or Services in question.
Contract Value means the value of the entire work as stipulated in the letter of acceptance of tender subject to such additions thereto or deductions there from as may be made under the provision herein after contained.
Contract Value means the total amount indicated in the contract agreement as per order placed by the UGVCL and calculated from the quantities indicated in the Bid.

Examples of Contract Value in a sentence

  • The works for the time being executed to the estimated current Contract value thereof, or such additional sum as may be specified together with the materials for incorporation in the works at their replacement value.

  • Contract value not exceedingFour monthsfrom the date ofRs.5 lakhs acceptance of Final bill by the Engr-in-charge(b) Contract value exceedingSix month--- do -----Rs.5 lakhs Provided the Contractor has furnished all required documents in accordance to clause 6.6. The period of release of fund shall be counted from the date of compliance of last documents or formalities.

  • Liquidated damages are limited up to 10% (ten percent) of the total Contract value.

  • The aforesaid risk shall be covered by insurance as per Clause5.13.5 This shall be applicable when Contract value is more than one crore.

  • Any expenses incurred for the contribution, making contributions or maintaining records shall be to the Contractor or subcontractor’s account.The Owner shall retain such sum as may be necessary from the total Contract value until the Contractor shall furnish satisfactory proof that all contributions as required by the employees State Insurance Act, 1948, have been paid.

More Definitions of Contract Value

Contract Value means the sum for which the tender is accepted as per the letter of intent.
Contract Value means, with respect to any day (including the Cutoff Date), the sum of (a) the present value of the future Scheduled Payments discounted monthly at an annual rate equal to the Specified Discount Factor; plus (b) the amount of any past due payments.
Contract Value means the bare value of the goods ‘ex-works price’ without taking into account taxes, duties or any other incidental charges where the price is ex-works, but where the prices given in the PO are on FOR destination basis inclusive or exclusive of GST etc., the ‘Contract value’ would mean FOR destination prices, given in the PO inclusive of GST, other statutory levies etc. as the case may be.
Contract Value for sand block means the product of the Sand Premium per CFT by the Successful Bidder and total estimated sand quantity for five years. AnnualContract Value shall be calculated by dividing the Contract Value by 5.
Contract Value means the sum accepted or the sum calculated in accordance with the rates accepted by or on behalf of the ESIC.
Contract Value means that portion of the Contract Price adjusted
Contract Value means the original contract value subject to the adjustments in accordance with the provisions of the Contract.