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Examples of LLC Business in a sentence

  • As an emerging growth company, there are four benchmarks that make up Gilmore Homes Gilmore Loans, LLC Business Model.

  • Stellar Europe, LLC, Business Entity Information, obtained from Nevada Secretary of State website.

  • Name:Tianyuan Gu (Tim)Date of Board Service: September 2020Principal Occupation:Chairman, Skywide Real Estate International LLC Business Experience:Tianyuan Gu (Tim) was born in China, and moved to the US when he was 15 years old.

  • Chairman, Skywide Real Estate International LLC Business Experience:Tianyuan Gu (Tim) was born in China, and moved to the US when he was 15 years old.

  • In order to perform these health care operations on behalf of Illinois Dermatology Institute, LLC, Business Associates are required, under legal agreement, to receive, create, maintain, use and/or disclose your protected health information only with appropriate safeguards regarding your protected health information.

  • All reasonable charges for outside consultants will be LLC Business Costs.

  • The Members acknowledge and agree that the creation of the LLC and the assumption by each of the Members of their duties hereunder shall be without prejudice to their rights (or the rights of their affiliates) to have such other interests and activities and to receive and enjoy profits or compensation therefrom, so long as such other business or undertaking is not competitive with LLC Business.

  • The RAC consisted of Central Oregon cities, counties, Johnson-Reid LLC, Business Oregon, DLCD, Department of State Lands, Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC), 1,000 Friends of Oregon (1,000 Friends), Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO), Central Oregon Association of Realtors and private area developers.

  • Any change in the LLC Business shall require the affirmative vote or written consent of Members holding a Supermajority in Interest.

  • CORE CONNECT customers must subscribe to the CenturyTel Long Distance, LLC Business Unlimited long distance plan for each CORE CONNECT line or trunk subscribed.

More Definitions of LLC Business

LLC Business means the business of LLC as set forth on Schedule 3 attached hereto.
LLC Business has the meaning set forth in Section 2.01 of the LLC ------------ Asset Transfer Agreement.
LLC Business means the development, marketing sale and distribution of business to business software, including, without limitation, human resources and payroll management software.
LLC Business has the meaning set forth in Section 1.1 of the LLC Agreement.

Related to LLC Business

  • Transferred Business has the meaning ascribed to such term in the Separation Agreement.

  • Public business means and includes all matters which relate in any way, directly or indirectly, to the performance of the public body’s functions or the conduct of its business.

  • Company Business means any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate is: (x) engaged in during the term of the Grantee’s Business Relationship; or (y) any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate has undertaken material substantive steps to engage within the twelve (12) month period prior to such Termination, so long as with respect to both prongs (x) and (y) of this sentence, the Grantee had responsibilities with respect to, or Confidential or Proprietary Information about, such business (or anticipated business) prior to the Termination. Without limiting the foregoing, the Company Business shall be deemed to include the well completion and servicing business (including, without limitation, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, pressure pumping, wireline, cementing, pressure testing, pump-down, perforating, pipe recovery and other complementary services), petroleum engineering services (including without limitation services in connection with hydraulic fracture stimulation and reservoir engineering), directional drilling and production services.

  • Parent Business means all businesses, operations and activities (whether or not such businesses, operations or activities are or have been terminated, divested or discontinued) conducted at any time prior to the Effective Time by either Party or any member of its Group, other than the SpinCo Business.

  • home business means a business, service or profession carried out in a dwelling or on land around a dwelling by an occupier of the dwelling which –

  • Purchased Business means the business and operations (including undertakings, property, assets, rights and interests) of: (a) Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Canada Services Inc. and KM Canada Rail Holdings GP Limited, each a corporation existing under the ABCA; (b) KM Canada North 40 Limited Partnership, Base Line Terminal East Limited Partnership, KM Canada Edmonton South Rail Terminal Limited Partnership, KM Canada Edmonton North Rail Terminal Limited Partnership, each a limited partnership existing under the laws of Manitoba; (c) KM Canada Terminals GP ULC, an unlimited liability corporation existing under the laws of Alberta; (d) Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Canada (Jet Fuel) Inc., a corporation existing under the laws of British Columbia; (e) KM Canada Marine Terminal Limited Partnership, a limited partnership existing under the laws of British Columbia; (f) the Limited Partnership, (g) the General Partner; (h) Cochin ULC; and (i) the KML JVs (to the extent of the applicable KML Operating Entities’ interest therein);

  • Retained Business has the meaning set forth in the recitals.

  • Alarm business means the business by an individual, partnership, corporation or other entity of selling, leasing, maintaining, monitoring, servicing, repairing, altering, replacing, moving or installing an alarm system or causing to be sold, leased, maintained, monitored, serviced, repaired, altered, replaced, moved or installed an alarm system in or on any building, structure or facility.

  • Cannabis business means any business activity involving cannabis, including but not limited to cultivating, transporting, distributing, manufacturing, compounding, converting, processing, preparing, storing, packaging, delivering, testing, dispensing, retailing and wholesaling of cannabis, of cannabis products or of ancillary products and accessories, whether or not carried on for gain or profit.

  • food business means any undertaking, whether for profit or not and whether public or private, carrying out any of the activities related to any stage of production, processing and distribution of food;

  • Trust business means the business of acting as trustee, executor or administrator;

  • the Business means the usual work and activities carried on by the Insured pertaining to his business as specified in the Schedule and no others.

  • Core Business means any material line of business conducted by the Company and its Subsidiaries as of the Closing Date and any business directly related thereto.

  • SELLER Business Systems as used in this clause means SELLER’s material management and accounting system, cost estimating system, accounting system, earned value management system, property management system, and purchasing system. If SELLER’s Business Systems are reviewed and approved by a Government agency, SELLER shall provide prompt notice to LOCKHEED MARTIN whenever there is a material change in the status of the Government’s approval or determination of adequacy of any of SELLER’s Business Systems.

  • Micro Business means a company which meets one of the following criteria: consumes less than 293,000 kWh of gas a year, or consumes less than 100,000 kWh of electricity a year, or has fewer than ten employees (or their full-time equivalent) and an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total not exceeding 2m.

  • Subject Business means the policy or policies that are the subject of the Insurance Business Transfer Plan.

  • Retained Businesses means all businesses, including the Wolfspeed Business, now, previously or hereafter conducted by the Seller or any of its controlled Affiliates, other than the Business.

  • Excluded Business means Excepted Business for which AUL has exercised its option pursuant to Sections 2.02(b), 2.06(b), 7.05(a) and/or 7.05(b) to exclude from calculation of its Profit Commission.

  • SpinCo Business has the meaning set forth in the Separation and Distribution Agreement.

  • Related Business Assets means assets (other than cash or Cash Equivalents) used or useful in a Similar Business; provided that any assets received by the Issuer or a Restricted Subsidiary in exchange for assets transferred by the Issuer or a Restricted Subsidiary shall not be deemed to be Related Business Assets if they consist of securities of a Person, unless upon receipt of the securities of such Person, such Person would become a Restricted Subsidiary.

  • Generation Business means the licensed business (if any) of the Licenseeand any affiliate or related undertaking of the Licensee in the generation of electricity or the provision of Ancillary Services;

  • Separate Business means each of the activities of the Licensee connected

  • Specified Business means (A) providing outsourced telecommunications infrastructure services to local or long distance telecommunications providers or engaging in any business conducted by the Company at the time of termination of the Employee's employment with the Company or (B) conducting, operating, carrying out or engaging in the business of managing any entity described in clause (A).

  • Real Estate Business means homebuilding, housing construction, real estate development or construction and related real estate activities, including the provision of mortgage financing or title insurance.

  • Licensed Business means the functions and activities, which the Licensee is required to undertake in terms of the License granted by the Commission or as a deemed Licensee under the Act;

  • food business operator means the natural or legal persons responsible for ensuring that the requirements of food law are met within the food business under their control;