Excluded Business definition

Excluded Business means Excepted Business for which AUL has exercised its option pursuant to Sections 2.02(b), 2.06(b), 7.05(a) and/or 7.05(b) to exclude from calculation of its Profit Commission.
Excluded Business means a Business excluded from application for an Inter- Community Business License and includes those Businesses referred to in Schedule A attached hereto and forming part of this bylaw.
Excluded Business means a Business excluded from application for an

Examples of Excluded Business in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding anything in this Section 7.1 to the contrary, nothing in this Section 7.1 is intended to inhibit, limit or restrict in any manner, nor shall it be deemed to inhibit, limit or restrict in any manner, any actions taken by Seller or any of its Affiliates in connection with the operation of the Excluded Business to the extent such actions do not adversely impact the Acquired Business or the Company Group (other than any de minimis impacts).

  • As of the date hereof and as of immediately prior to the Closing, except for obligations under this Agreement or any Ancillary Agreement to which any Group Company is a party, no Group Company has or will have any obligations in respect of, and shall not retain, any Liabilities of, the Excluded Business.

  • A Participating Municipality may issue an Inter-Community Business License to an applicant for an Inter-Community Business License provided the business type is an Inter-Community Business and is not an Excluded Business, the applicant has a valid Municipal Business License issued by that Participating Municipality, and the applicant meets the requirements of this Bylaw.

  • Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, TaxSmart (i) has no, and has never had any, employees, (ii) does not own or lease, and has never owned or leased, any real property or personal property, and (iii) has no Liabilities in respect of the Excluded Business and no Liabilities other than those arising in the Ordinary Course of Business.

More Definitions of Excluded Business

Excluded Business means each of the following:
Excluded Business means: (i) the business and undertakings of the Generator related to the marketing and trading functions of the Generator in respect of retail and wholesale Electricity supply or conservation, and retail and wholesale demand response, including any Financial Contracts, Physical Delivery Contracts, transmission rights agreements, or load-related Ancillary Service agreements entered into in connection with any of the foregoing to which the Generator is a party or an arranger, broker or aggregator, and any other trading or hedging activities related to the foregoing, but excluding any Financial Contracts or Physical Delivery Contracts in respect of Xxxxx Energy that the Generator enters into in accordance with the provisions of Section 1.10(b); (ii) the intangible property, inventory, activities, undertakings, revenues and goodwill related to the production or sale of By-products; and (iii) the business and undertakings of the Generator related to all other activities undertaken by the Generator that are not directly or indirectly related to the Facility or the site on which the Facility is located; and in the case of
Excluded Business means all businesses that the Seller and Xxxx Xxxxxxx are entitled to undertake pursuant to the terms of the Non-Compete Agreement.
Excluded Business means Sellers’ independent practice association business, which is operated by NYNM Acquisitions, LLC and its subsidiaries.
Excluded Business means the businesses, operations and activities of (i) the iStar Group conducted prior to the Distribution Effective Time that relate to the origination, acquisition, creation of, investment in, financing of, management of or fundraising for, fee and leasehold interests in ground leases, ground lease related assets and entities that own and hold such assets (including SAFE, any other member of the SAFE Group and iStar GL Venture REIT LLC; (ii) the SAFE Group, whether conducted before or after the Distribution Effective Time (including as part of the iStar Group after the effective time of the Merger); and (iii) the iStar Group conducted after the Distribution Effective Time.
Excluded Business means the business, referred to by the Companies ----------------- as the "site service business," of providing regularly scheduled and on-demand facility services to multi-site commercial customers utilizing employees and third party service providers.
Excluded Business means, collectively, (a) the Cigna Reinsured Business and (b) all other Insurance Contracts other than (i) the Long-Term Care Insurance Contracts, (ii) the Specified Life and Annuity Insurance Contracts and (iii) Insurance Contracts reinsured or assumed by a Target pursuant to a Reinsurance Agreement set forth in Section 4(w)(i)(A) of the Sellers Disclosure Schedule.