Asset Transfer Agreement definition

Asset Transfer Agreement means the asset transfer agreement dated September 12, 2014 between Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust and Centurion Apartment REIT pursuant to which Centurion Apartment REIT seeded the initial portfolio of Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust.
Asset Transfer Agreement means any asset transfer agreement between the Issuer and one or more sellers of Railcars, in form and substance satisfactory to the Issuer and the applicable seller or sellers party thereto. The initial Asset Transfer Agreement is the Purchase and Contribution Agreement, dated as of the Initial Closing Date, among the Issuer, TILC and TRLWT.
Asset Transfer Agreement means the Asset Transfer Agreement, dated as of September 26, 2012, between FS Investment Corporation and Party B, as amended from time to time.

Examples of Asset Transfer Agreement in a sentence

  • On each Delivery Date upon which a Conveyance occurs under an Asset Transfer Agreement, all sales, use or transfer taxes, if any, due and payable upon the purchase of the Portfolio Railcars by the Issuer from the applicable Seller will have been paid or such transactions will then be exempt from any such taxes, and the Issuer will cause any required forms or reports in connection with such taxes to be filed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • The Debtors and the Trustee executed the VRT Asset Transfer Agreement, effective February 18, 2020.

  • Upon your receipt of this notice, you are required to sign the Asset Transfer Agreement on the Purchase Option Agreement and transfer the above assets to __________________.

  • Under the Asset Transfer Agreement, Enablence and Irixi agreed that the consideration due to Enablence from Irixi from this transaction would be offset against certain debts owing to Irixi by Enablence of $720.

  • To the extent of any conflict between this Lease and such subsequently accepted Asset Transfer Agreement, the Asset Transfer Agreement shall control.

More Definitions of Asset Transfer Agreement

Asset Transfer Agreement means the Purchase and Contribution Agreement, dated as of the Initial Closing Date among Issuer, TILC and TRLT-II.
Asset Transfer Agreement means the asset transfer agreement September 12, 2014 between the Trust and Centurion Apartment REIT pursuant to which the Trust acquired the Initial Portfolio from Centurion Apartment REIT.
Asset Transfer Agreement means that certain Asset Transfer Agreement dated as of October 1, 1999 between IP and Illinova for the transfer of ownership of certain fossil-fueled generating units from IP to Illinova.
Asset Transfer Agreement means the agreement for transfer of assets made between the Principal and NewState Capital Co., Ltd. on February 28, 2001 in connection with the Asset Liquidation in accordance with the Asset Liquidation Plan.
Asset Transfer Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in the Subscription Agreement.
Asset Transfer Agreement means each of the Asset Transfer Agreements dated as of the date hereof between the Borrower and each of the PLM Growth Funds, in the form of Annex B hereto, and any future asset transfer agreements entered into by the Borrower in respect of any Additional Equipment.
Asset Transfer Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 10.3.6.