Trust business definition

Trust business means the holding out by a person to the public by advertising, solicitation or other means that the person is available to perform any service of a fiduciary in this or another state including, but not limited to:
Trust business means the business of acting as executor, administrator, guardian or conservator of estates, assignee, receiver, depositary or trustee under the appointment of any court, or by authority of any law of this or any other state or of the United States, or as trustee for any purpose permitted by law.

Examples of Trust business in a sentence

  • Any action or actions permitted to be taken by the Trustees in connection with the business of the Trust may be taken pursuant to authority granted by a meeting of the Trustees conducted by a telephone conference call, and the transaction of Trust business represented thereby shall be of the same authority and validity as if transacted at a meeting of the Trustees held in person or by written consent.

  • As such, it is opposed to fraud and seeks to eliminate fraud by the way it conducts Trust business.

  • Reasonable expenses incurred in connection with Trust business, including, but not limited to, travel and meals, telephone calls, photocopying, binding and shipping of compliance materials, will be billed to the Trust on a monthly basis.

  • Under this method, the University’s investment in the GNW Campus Trust business enterprise and its net income and other changes in equity are recorded using the modified equity method.

  • Any Substitute Managing Trustee proposed pursuant to this Section 4.12 or Section 11.2 shall, with Majority Vote, become a Substitute Managing Trustee upon his or its execution of this Agreement and may thereupon elect to continue the Trust business.

More Definitions of Trust business

Trust business means acting as a fiduciary or in other capacities permissible for a trust institution under G.S. 53-331.
Trust business shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.24.
Trust business means the trusts, executorships, administrations, guardianships, conservatorships, and other representative capacities at the Company Bank’s banking and trust offices.
Trust business means, except as provided in Subsection (1)(c), a business in which one acts in any agency or fiduciary capacity, including that of personal representative, executor, administrator, conservator, guardian, assignee, receiver, depositary, or trustee under appointment as trustee for any purpose permitted by law, including the definition of "trust" set forth in Subsection 75-1-201(55).
Trust business means the holding out by a person or legal entity to the public at large by
Trust business means the activities described in subsection 2(1)(a) of the Law when carried out by way of business and not exempt from regulation under any of the provisions of section 3 of the Law;