left definition

left means left reckoned by reference to the direction in or towards which the vehicle, animal or person is proceeding or facing at the material time;
left. , for a vehicle, means to the left of the centre of the vehicle when viewed by a person in the vehicle who is facing to the front of the vehicle;
left means HF waveguide is left as seen from front

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left behind”, in relation to a crewman–
left is the symbol, if it is 0, it means to delete the string at the position "pos";if left is not 0, it means to delete n characters from the string at the position "pos" from the position "left" .
left and 10 means ”right”.Which number best describes your position?””How about the (Party X)? Which number from 0 to 10,where 0 means left and 10 means right best describes (party X)?Economic responsibility Govt: 0= no responsibility/ 10= full responsibility”First, thinking about the economy, how responsible isthe British government for economic conditions in Britain?Please indicate your views using any numberon a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 means ”no responsibility” and 10 means ”full responsibility”.EU sophistication: 0= low sophistication (0-3)/ 1= high sophistication (4)Correct answers to different questions regarding the EU:1. Switzerland is a member of the EU2. The European Union has 25 member states3. Every country in the EU elects the same number of representatives to the European Parliament.4. Every six months, a different Member Statebecomes president of the Council of the European Union Control Variables Retrospective economic evaluations: 0=a lot worse/ 4= a lot better”What do you think about the economy?Compared to 12 months ago, do you think that the general economic situation in Britain is 1- a lot better / 5- a lot worse.”Supporter: 0= no / 1= yesDo you feel yourself a little closer to one of the political parties than others?Government approval: 0= no / 1= yesLet us now come back to Britain. Do you approve or disapprove of the government’s record to date?Perceptions of the functioning of the Democracy: 0= not at all satisfied / 3= very satisfiedOn the whole, how satisfied are you with the way democracy works in Britain? Are youInterest in Politics: 0= not at all / 3= veryTo what extent would you say you are interested in politics? Very, somewhat, a little, or not at all?EU Identity: 0= British only / 3= European only Do you see yourself as1 British only2 British and European3 European and British4 European onlyEU attitudes: 0= already too far / 10= pushed further Some say European unification should be pushed further. Others say it already has gone too far. What is your opinion?
left. ' means port, or the left side of the vessel when facing the bow (the forward part of the vessel) from within the vessel.
left means from each data cell go directly left to a cell at the edge of the the table, which is the header cell.
left. The eigenvectors of a triplet of events on the sphere (S2) are the principal axis →u1, the major axis →u2 (pointing into the page) and the minor axis →u3. The eigenvalues of these vectors are used to compute this triplet’s shape and strength. Right: An intuitive interpretation of the shape and strength parameters. As the strength parameter ζ increases from 0 to ∞, the events become more concentrated. As the shape parameter γ increases form −∞ to +∞, the events become more rotationally symmetric or less elongated. Figures from [22]. obs use the Poisson distribution to evaluate in each bin of (ζ, γ) the probability of observing ni exp counts while the expected number of counts obtained from isotropic samples is ni . 3 Application of methods to Xxxxx-Xxxxx data sets‌ The use of mock data sets built from the large scale structure of the Universe provides a useful tool to study the sensitivity of the three methods. The toy model we choose here allows us to probe the efficiency of the methods by varying several parameters such as the total number of events, the dilution of the signal with the addition of isotropic events, the source density, and the external smearing applied to mock data set arrival directions. This external smearing (non angular resolution) reflects the unknown deflections imposed by the intervening galactic and extragalactic magnetic fields upon charged particles whose mass composition remains uncertain above ≃ 40 EeV. In addition, the impact of both the angular and energy resolutions of the experiment can be probed in individual realizations of the underlying toy model. Throughout this section, we present the performances of the three methods in terms of the power at different threshold values. The threshold α — or type-I error rate — is the fraction of isotropic simulations in which the null hypothesis is wrongly rejected (i.e., the test gives evidence of anisotropy when there is no anisotropy). The power is 1 − β where β is the type-II error rate which is the fraction of simulations of anisotropy in which the test result does not reject the null hypothesis of isotropy.
left. ’ means the Law Enforcement Firearms Transfer Form consisting of the transfer form utilized to purchase a firearm in accordance with this section.