borehole definition

borehole means a hole sunk into the earth for the purpose of locating, abstracting or using subterranean water and includes a spring;
borehole means a well drilled in the sub-surface with or without obtaining the cores of rock samples for the purpose of ascertaining any information.
borehole means a hole sunk into the earth for the purpose of locating,

Examples of borehole in a sentence

  • Refurbishment of 4 Classrooms, Borehole and Provision of 30kl Water Storage Tanks.

  • Borehole video surveys may be important in certain circumstances to verify logging results.

  • Borehole logs (including monitoring well details) are provided in Appendix 2.

  • Borehole data indicates that the total thickness of the Q-R interbed is approximately 12 m (40 ft).

  • Guarantor’s seal or stamp INDEPENDENT DEVELOPMENT TRUST Construction of 12 Classrooms, 3 Grade R Classrooms, 26 Seats Enviroloos, Refurbishment of 12 Classrooms, Administration Block, Drill and Equip Borehole, Provide 80KL Water Storage Tank and Steel Palisade Fence at Mkhachani Mzamani Primary School ADJUDICATOR’S AGREEMENT This agreement is made on the .

More Definitions of borehole

borehole means a hole drilled or sunk into the ground for the purpose of the abstraction of ground water, the collection of ground water or rock samples, the monitoring of ground water levels, or other purposes;
borehole also known as "drill hole" means an excavation that is drilled, cored, driven, dug or otherwise constructed that penetrates an aquifer or that may degrade the quality of the aquifer.
borehole means a bored, drilled, or driven shaft or hole, extending below the ground surface, that may or may not intersect the water table or yield recoverable water;
borehole means a cylindrical hole cut into rock or soil by drilling. Also refers to the inside diameter of the wellbore wall (i.e., the rock face that bounds the drilled hole).
borehole means a hole made with a drill, augur or other tool into a coal seam or surrounding strata from which natural gas is extracted.
borehole means a penetration in the ground made in the drilling process that is deeper than the longest dimension of [its] the opening at the surface . [and is made to obtain
borehole means a hole or cavity created by manual or mechanical means for the insertion of explosives charges. (« trou de mine »)