Reward System Sample Clauses

Reward System. The Company has not any arrangement for option incentive, stock option, profit sharing or other similar incentives in connection with the Company, any of its present or former employees. Appendix III
Reward System. 4.2.1 Vision and Objective: Our reward system encourages behaviours that support the achievement of our business and workplace objectives. The principle is that people will receive fair recognition and reward for their contributions. Organisations pay market rates in order to attract and retain good people. Our objective compensation philosophy is to pay people in the top third quartile for achieving and sustaining world class performance. The main components of the reward system are Base pay: Consists of a plant entry rate, and five incremental increases rewarding contribution to the business (increased knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviours) known as the "Reward for Learning Program" Variable pay: Team members share in the success of the business through a Performance Bonus which acknowledges both plant performance and overall business results. Other benefits: Including Superannuation, Subsidised Canteen, Uniforms, Monthly Parcels, 12 RDO’s per annum, two additional paid leave days per annum, paid maternity leave, other allowances and conditions contained within this agreement. APPENDIX 1
Reward System. 19.12.1. The Bank can include Credit Card Holders in a reward system in exchange for the purchase of products and services at all merchants whether they are included in the reward system or not, reserving the right to make changes any time. The earning and use of such reward shall be subject to this agreement and other rules determined/to be determined by the Bank.

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  • Rewards No member of the Gapbuster Group is responsible for the provision of any rewards or incentives offered on or through KODO. Each Content Provider is solely responsible for providing any reward, and if You have any questions, concerns or difficulty in relation to any reward You should contact the relevant Content Provider. By using the ‘share’ feature in respect of any reward, You acknowledge and agree that You have the consent of the recipient with whom you are sharing the reward to send the reward to them by electronic means. No member of the Gapbuster Group accepts any liability for the content of any message or any reward sent using the ‘share’ feature.

  • EU Access SAP will use only European Subprocessors to provide support requiring access to Personal Data in the Cloud Service and SAP shall not export Personal Data outside of the EEA or Switzerland unless expressly authorized by Customer in writing (e-mail permitted) on a case by case basis; or as excluded under Section 9.4.

  • Incentives The IPTVO shall, subject to compliance with each of the Incentive Eligibility Conditions set out in Clause 2.1 of this Addendum, be entitled to avail the following incentives on a cumulative basis for the KANNADA Bouquet on the KANNADA Bouquet Rate.

  • Performance Indicators The HSP’s delivery of the Services will be measured by the following Indicators, Targets and where applicable Performance Standards. In the following table: n/a meanç ‘not-appIicabIe’, that there iç no defined Performance Standard for the indicator for the applicable year. tbd means a Target, and a Performance Standard, if applicable, will be determined during the applicable year. INDICATOR CATEGORY INDICATOR P = Performance Indicator E = Explanatory Indicator M = Monitoring Indicator 2019/20 PERFORMANCE TARGET STANDARD Organizational Health and Financial Indicators Debt Service Coverage Ratio (P) 1 c1 Total Margin (P) 0 cO Coordination and Access Indicators Percent Resident Days – Long Stay (E) n/a n/a Wait Time from LHIN Determination of Eligibility to LTC Home Response (M) n/a n/a Long-Term Care Home Refusal Rate (E) n/a n/a SCHEDULE D — PERFORMANCE 2/3 INDICATOR CATEGORY Quality and Resident Safety Indicators INDICATOR P = Performance Indicator E = Explanatory Indicator M = Monitoring Indicator Percentage of Residents Who Fell in the Last 30 days (M) 2019/20 PERFORMANCE TARGET STANDARD n/a n/a Percentage of Residents Whose Pressure Ulcer Worsened (M) n/a n/a Percentage of Residents on Antipsychotics Without a Diagnosis of Psychosis (M) n/a n/a Percentage of Residents in Daily Physical Restraints (M) n/a n/a SCHEDULE D — PERFORMANCE 2.0 LHIN-Specific Performance Obligations 3/3

  • Participating Consumers All Participating Consumers as of the Effective Date will continue to be enrolled in the Program under the terms of this ESA unless they opt-out. Within one (1) day after the Effective Date, the Town shall provide to Competitive Supplier a list of Participating Consumers as of the Effective Date, as well as such Participating Consumers’ service and billing addresses, and any other information necessary for Competitive Supplier to commence All-Requirements Power Supply to such Participating Consumers as of the Service Commencement Date.

  • Performance Expectations The performance reporting, monitoring, evaluation and management of NMHS in relation to the terms of this Agreement is prescribed in the Performance Policy Framework and Performance Management Policy (PMP). See: xxxxx://

  • Profitability Borrower shall maintain, measured as of the last day of each quarter: (i) a maximum net loss of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,500,000.00) as of the last day of the third quarter of 1998; (ii) a maximum net loss of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) as of the last day of the fourth quarter of 1998; and (iii) a profit for each quarter commencing with the first quarter of Borrower's fiscal year 1999 with an allowance for one quarterly loss during such fiscal year of no greater than Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($250,000.00).

  • Year 2000 Compatibility Take all actions reasonably necessary to assure that Borrower's computer based systems are able to operate and effectively process data which includes dates on and after January 1, 2000. At the request of the Administrative Agent, the Borrower shall provide reasonable assurances satisfactory to the Administrative Agent of the Borrower's Year 2000 compatibility.

  • In-Service Programs The parties to this collective agreement recognize the value of in-service education both to the employee and the Employer.

  • System Logging The system must maintain an automated audit trail which can 20 identify the user or system process which initiates a request for PHI COUNTY discloses to 21 CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or transmits on behalf of COUNTY, 22 or which alters such PHI. The audit trail must be date and time stamped, must log both successful and 23 failed accesses, must be read only, and must be restricted to authorized users. If such PHI is stored in a 24 database, database logging functionality must be enabled. Audit trail data must be archived for at least 3 25 years after occurrence.